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Yogini Jasmine Incense


Since ancient times jasmine has been thought of as the 'queen of flowers', its sweet sensuous aroma is a sign of springtime in India and the Himalayas. Our Yogini Jasmine Incense is formulated with a traditional blend of Himalayan herbs to create an aroma of joy, warmth and sensuality. This all natural incense is hand crafted by Bhutanese refugees in Nepal for the promotion of health and happiness of all beings.

Handmade in Nepal

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Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasminum officinale) and a proprietary blend of Tibetan herbs.

Our Yogini Jasmine Incense is formulated with a traditional blend of himalayan herbs to create an aroma that promotes calm and well being.

How to use
Burning incense is a good way to make a room a nice sanctuary where you go to relax. With some soft music, it can be the ultimate getaway, or a place for meditation and relaxation, all in your own home. You could just burn your incense on a ceramic plate or another non-flammable surface. However, in order to get the most out of your incense and to ensure fire safety, you will most likely want to invest in some kind of incense holder.

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