Tibetan Clothing Wholesale

Tibetan clothing comes in a range of different colors, patterns, and fabrics. There’s men’s Tibetan clothing, women’s Tibetan clothing, and a way to style it for every situation. There’s a rising demand for Tibetan clothing that is already on the market - harem pants, long skirts, loose-fitting tops - there is a rise in the Western market that means finding a reliable Tibetan clothing wholesale team is vital for a variety of clothing suppliers. 

At Kathmandu Clothing, we provide a wide range of Tibetan clothing that’s available for wholesale purchasing. We have all of the information you’ll need to see why Tibetan clothing is on the rise in the fashion industry, how you can style it, and more. 

Why is Tibetan Clothing so Popular
Tibetan clothing is often made of sustainable materials that breath naturally and provide a comfortable bohemian aesthetic. It is ideal for both hot and cold climates and looks good on men and women alike.

Men’s Tibetan Clothing
There is a wide range of men’s Tibetan clothing available from Kathmandu Clothing. They are an ideal choice for men who adopt more of a boho fashion and value fair trade and natural materials in their clothing.

Product: Tibetan Tunic
The round neck Tibetan tunic comes in a range of different colours to suit every man’s individual tastes and style preferences. They are made of 100% natural cotton and come in one solid colour or with mixed fabrics to provide an alternative look. They are available in both long and short sleeve, making them the perfect choice for all kinds of temperatures and climates. 

Styling a Tunic: If you’re more on the hippy end of the style spectrum, you can wear these Tibetan tunics with Aladdin pants to complete a very loose outfit that compliments an artistic and bohemian fashion aesthetic. If you’re more of a modern dresser, these tunics can be paired with neutral coloured chinos and a formal dress shoe. They aren’t a good choice if you need to wear a jacket to work, but are perfect for more casual dressers.

Product: Poncho
Ponchos are a staple within Tibetan culture and are ideal to keep warm in cooler months, and with our range, you can wear them through the warmer months of the year as well. We sell a range of men’s ponchos that vary in length, materials, and colours to provide customers with options. Our men’s ponchos are available in a shorter sleeve and are made of wool or mixed natural fabrics.

Styling a Poncho: Ponchos can go from an extremely bohemian aesthetic through to something a modern working man could wear. These can be worn with a looser harem pant or trouser if you like to dress in an authentically hippy style. We recommend choosing a more solidly coloured pant if you select a poncho that boasts mixed colours just to avoid the outfit looking too busy. If you dress casually but in a more modern Western-inspired way, you can wear a poncho with a pair of fitted jeans. The darker the denim, the more formal the look will be.

Women’s Tibetan Clothing
At Kathmandu Clothing, we carry a wide range of women’s Tibetan clothing to provide a feminine and bohemian feel to any modern wardrobe or supplier’s selection. All of our women’s clothing is made from natural materials and comes in a range of colours and patterns.

Product: Poncho/Poncho Top
Our ponchos for women can be worn either as tops or as an addition to an outfit for warmth and style. They come in a range of colours that goes from extremely bright through to more neutral options depending on style preference. They are made from wool, chiffon silk, crocheted yarn, and more, providing a range of aesthetics and styles.

Styling a Poncho/Poncho Top: Women’s ponchos and poncho tops can be styled differently depending on the season or personal aesthetic. They can be belted with a thick belt and worn with jeans or a tight fitting pant if you’re looking for a bulky sweater appearance in the winter. They can be worn over tights and worn as a dress if the material is long enough. They can be worn over maxi skirts for a truly bohemian and flowy look. Whatever the season, women’s ponchos can we worn stylishly in a range of settings.

Product: Floor Length Skirts
At Kathmandu Clothing, we sell a wide range of Tibetan floor length skirts that offer women a sustainably made and feminine wardrobe option. These colourful and flowing skirts come in a wide range of materials, colours, and styles. They are available as a wrap skirt, as a simple maxi-style skirt, and with or without a flare at the bottom. 

Styling a Floor Length Skirt: Taller women look incredibly stylish in floor length skirts, but shorter women can pull them off as well. We recommend heels for shorter women to avoid the material bunching up on the floor. Taller women can go with heels or flats depending on the aesthetic they would like to achieve. You can pair these floor length skirts with a crop top for a more casual summer look, or with long flowing blouses if you appreciate the classic bohemian vibe. They are paired nicely with denim jackets if it’s cooler outside and can be worn with the right pair of tights and long boots in the winter months.

Kathmandu Clothing: Wholesale Tibetan Clothing and Tibetan jewelries Suppliers from Nepal
At Kathmandu Clothing, you will find a wide range of Nepalese and Tibetan options throughout our entire online store. Our clothing is natural and as a company we priorities and value high quality clothing that is affordable within a range of markets and is able to be produced in a sustainable way. We are easy to communicate with and conduct all of our business in a professional and friendly manner. We’re a wholesale team who will provide significant discounts on our already-fair prices to all of our loyal clients. Colorful, natural, bohemian clothing is ideal for any supplier who wants to market to the modern hippy. Our Tibetan clothing range is ideal for any climate, and when you order through Kathmandu Clothing, we’ll ensure your order is dispatched and on its way to your door within four to five business days.