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Some look for design, some for immaculate, some for satisfaction. Amaze! You are permitted to discover mold, idealize, bliss together here in this page, which is the accumulation of gypsy Garments For Ladies described with craftsmanship style outline. Shopping on the web here will be totally one chic experience. Kathmandu clothing is one of the main Vagabond Garments For gypsy clothing lovers, distributor all around the globe, which keeps on propelling the most in vogue items, best quality items, leaving more delightful cost and best deal benefit. Begin you initial phase with us.

 Gypsy garments producer and shop, KathmanduClothing.com, is focused on delivering "fair trade” clothing agreeing to the objectives of "Reasonable Exchange" discount apparel for business  organizations. We work a in Kathmandu, Nepal and we guarantee that our texture creation and article of clothing get together meets our high generation principles. We deliver an extensive variety of natural gysy dress including 100% ensured natural cotton, a natural bamboo and cotton mix—our gypsy texture providers must meet our Reasonable apparel duty, and in addition any of accomplices who halfway gather a few articles of gypsy clothing—and, the majority of our gypsy style garments is fabricated and set up together in the Nepal. Other than delivering a broad collection of eco-accommodating attire for discount and retail deals, we are resolved to reasonable pay and working conditions meeting Reasonable proposals, and without a doubt, Nepal. measures, not simply worldwide essentials for work, pay, working conditions, wellbeing, and different particulars identified with the reasonable trade of merchandise—fundamentally gypsy texture creation and additionally different textures in our particular case..

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 Kathmandu clothing manufacturer and supplier of gypsy style clothing that are made In Nepal, is committed to producing “Ethnic gypsy attire” complying with the goals of “Fair Trade” wholesale clothing for businesses all over the world.  We run a online Nepali store and we ensure that our products meets our high production standards.  We produce a wide range of gypsy clothes including gypsy soul clothing, gypsy rose clothing, gypsy style clothing  made by local artisans of Nepal—Our Gypsy products suppliers must meet our Fair Trade wholesale products commitment, as well as any of partners who partially assemble some handmade gypsy products—and all of our  product is manufactured and put together in the Nepal.  Besides producing an extensive assortment of these beautiful Nepalese clothing  for wholesale and retail sales, we are committed to fair pay and working conditions meeting Fair Trade recommendations, and quite frankly, Nepal and Global standards, not just international minimums for work, pay, working conditions, safety, and other particulars related to the fair interchange of goods—primarily bamboo fabric production and/or other fabrics in our specific case

Contact Kathmandu Clothing store for wholesale orders of current inventory stock items or to request custom production—we are a full-service online shop and can work on your products from start-to-finish.  Businesses, wholesalers and/or suppliers or end-user retailers, and also individual shoppers, may call us at (Nepal) +(977) 1-4005037 as by your need.  Alternatively, you may e-mail your questions to the staff at: info@kathmanduclothing.com

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Kathmandu clothing the home of gypsy clothing where numerous little organizations and individual skilled workers are offering their items to the outside world in extremely sensible cost. As such, we make assortments of ethnic and exceptional painstaking work in better places and offers together at discount cost. The majority of our items are made by the specialists of able hands and 100% free from kid work whom we select precisely under our strict supervision.

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 For over 25 years, we have been weaving peace, cherish, and that great hipster vibe all through the world. We are providers of kind gypsy products, many made by house ventures and privately-owned companies over the globe, for kind individuals who share our adoration for this tranquil hipster attitude. Regardless of what your style, from vintage and boho to in vogue and hip, we have the rigging to suit your impeccably special style! In the Tramp Rose world we adjust the interesting, freaky, witty and wacky with a pledge to the more major issues that face us. We are touchy to the groups in the nations where our items are created. Tramp Rose exists to keep the tranquil nonconformist vibe alive through our unique items and to get the message out about the issues that mean such a great amount to us.

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 With our broad product offering of gypsy clothes and accessories that are in consistence with Fair Trade discount trading rehearses for social and natural obligation, Kathmandu Clothing is a Nepal Fair trade Group part and organization that can offer different organizations the genuine Nepalese items.

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You may contact us for discount requests of current stock things or to demand custom  gypsy clothing creation or potentially custom apparel—we are a full-benefit shop and can chip away at your garments through and through.