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Buy Nepali Pashmina/Cashmere shawls and wraps at wholesale prices.

Beautiful, light and warm on a cold winter morning and evening is the comfort that these cashmere shawls and wraps give you. You name it and you will find it in our range: Light shade cashmere shawls, dark shade cashmere shawls and various patterns and designed cashmere shawls and all hand spun, weaved and knitted by the women of Nepal. This amazing cashmere shawls is brought to you by the leading supplier of Nepalese cashmere products, Kathmandu Clothing the largest online wholesale supplier and manufacturer of Nepali pashmina shawls and Nepali cashmere products,. Take your pick, and let us know your choice and we, as always will have the sent to you before the cold sets in.

Pashmina is a light king of Kashmiri wool. This wool is obtained from four different types of goat breeds. These breeds are the changthangi, the Marla goat, chegu and the chyangara. A shawl, on the other hand, is the piece of loose clothing that is worn on the upper part of the body. Therefore, pashmina shawl is that piece of cloth that made from the Kashmir fibre. The crafting of this type of shawl can be crafted in two different way. One way is handspun and the machine spun. The cost of this clothing varies from $10-$200 in many wholesalers. The hand-woven tend to be the most expensive since they require much skill from the artists and may take much time to produce them. The stole, on the other hand, is the special type of shawl that is formal and mostly wrapped around the shoulders which are made of quite expensive fabric. Scarves are thin clothing that is used to wrap around the neck.

Pashmina shawls that are made by high Himalayan woolen goat This pashmina shawl is made from the breed of goat that is found in Himalayan Mountains where the temperature is subzero. The subzero temperature climate causes the goats to grow the wool during the winter. The wool is obtained during the summers when the breed of goat found at Himalayans regions shed their wool so as to accommodate the change in the climate. These type of pashmina shawls made from these type o wools are of high quality, thin and fine. Anciently, the pashmina products were considered to be luxurious an only the wealthy families like the emperors used them. This was because of its nature and the quality of the fibre it had.

Types of pashmina shawls and scarves and their prices

There are different types of pashmina shawls and scarves. The range depends on the wool used to produce them, the fashion and the design of the shawls and the scarves, the method used to make them and the color, and texture of the pashmina products. For instance, pure cashmere shawl with captivating cost approximately $50, the truffle brown stole approximately cost $100 and the cosy cashmere shawl cost approximately $16. These prices range from different suppliers. The texture, the make and the design is the reason why the cost really vary. The cost of acquiring the wool from the breeds of goats is another reason why the cost varies. Some pashmina shawls for instance in Nepal are weaved and knitted by women of Nepal and this requires higher skill and effort. Therefore, this is the reason behind the range of price of this products.

Wholesaler of pure pashmina cashmere shawls from Nepal

In Nepal, there are different types of wholesalers who deal with pashmina products like the shawl, scarves and the stole. For you to acquire the best product you need to put some consideration into account. This will enable you to make the best decision on selecting the wholesaler that will provide you with the best products and the cost. In Nepal, some women and men specialize in the production of this products. They do so by knitting the shawls and the scarves by themselves, but also machines are used. There are wholesalers who prefer the handmade pashmina products while other prefer both the handmade and the machine made. Mostly in Nepal, the pashmina shawls and scarves are made from the Himalayans woolen goat. Cashmere products in Nepal are of high quality and different wholesaler ensure that the product quality is maintained due to the competition on the market. Obtaining the best products that will complement you will require you put the following consideration into account. First, you need to evaluate the price tag of different pashmina product from different types of wholesalers. This will enable you to evaluate the best wholesaler to deal with. Mostly this wholesaler from Nepal is online based. Therefore, there must be customer reviews which will enhance you to be able to choose wisely. The wholesaler in Nepal promote the locals by hiring them to participate in the manufacturing of pashmina products. For instance, there is a company which focuses on manufacturing using the weaving and knitting methods. This makes sure that the manpower is needed and this lead to employment. Consequently opting for Nepal pashmina products is one of the best choices one can make. The Nepal wholesalers ensure that they produce the best designs and the high-quality products.



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