• Felt Bags

    Felt Bags

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/66-felt-bags-wholesale">Felt Bags</a>, felt tote bags, felted wool handbags at Wholesale prices.</h2> <p>Felt gives decoration and more style to bags making them look more elegant and chic. Kathmandu Clothing Store, the largest online wholesaler supplier of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Nepalese felt products</a>, <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing">Nepalese clothes</a> and other Nepali accessories, is proud to showcase its line of Nepalese felt bags and other felt products. You as a lover of felted tote wool bags will find each of the felt bags unique in design and individually contrasting in color, design, texture and form in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part of it all is they are made by the rural women of Nepal for the International woman of taste with a tint of hippie, bohemian and Ethnic Nepalese touch in each of them. Why wait? Good deals do not wait. Choose the best one that matches you and Kathmandu Clothing will get it to you immediately as a supplier of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Wholesale Felt products</a>. So Buy Felt now online and Get Free Shipping right away</p>
  • Felt Keychains

    Felt Keychains

    <h2>Shop now for Felt key chains at wholesale prices.</h2> <p>Buy felt online from the leading <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">wholesale supplier of felt products</a> from Kathmandu which happens to be the largest wholesale dealers of online clothes and accessories from Nepal. Explore our huge range of N<a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">epali felt products</a> and accessories such as felt key chains, felt key rings, felt brooches, <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">felt balls</a>, felt toys, <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/66-felt-bags">felt bags</a>, felt flowers, felt purses, felt hair clips and other felt stuff at a cheap price. All felt keychains are crafted and made by the hard working women of Nepal drawing inspiration in design from nature itself to give you a natural adornment. Choose your pick and we at Kathmandu Clothing, shall get it to you as soon as possible. Buy Felt Fabric now and Get Free Shipping.</p>
  • Felt brooches

    Felt brooches

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/68-felt-brooches">Felt Brooches</a> and felt flower brooches online at Kathmandu Clothing store</h2> <p>Adorn your clothes with beautiful, intricate and petite felt brooches, sold by Kathmandu Clothing the largest online mass dealers of hippie,<a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing"> bohemian and ethnic clothing</a> from Nepal. Each of these designs varies in designs, color, felt texture and look. All these felt brooches have been made in a rural setting by the women of Nepal. All <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Nepalese Felt products</a> and felt brooches sold by us such as felt rose brooches, felt butterfly brooches and floral brooches, and many more. Choose from the many below, order and get your pick dispatched immediately by Kathmandu clothing.</p>
  • Felt Birds

    Felt Birds

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/69-felt-birds">Felt birds </a>and embroidered felt toys online at Kathmandu Clothing Store.</h2> <p>Birds of the same feathers flock together where Kathmandu Clothing the largest mass clothing and handicrafts dealer of online <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing">Nepali clothing</a> brings you decorative pieces of birds of a variety of cute petite dainty birds into your home. These felt birds are made artistically by the rural women of Nepal to augment a natural ambience into your home and to bring nature closer to your heart. All <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">handmade Nepali felt products</a> and felt birds are uniquely contrasting from each other in design, color and look. Order now and make your home an aviary of the natural birds of Nepal with courtesy of Kathmandu Clothing that will get it to you spontaneously.Buy Felt birds now and get free delivery.</p>
  • Felt Hair clips

    Felt Hair clips

    <h2>Shop now <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/70-felt-hair-clips-wholesale">Felt hair clips</a> at wholesale prices.</h2> <p>Felt hair clips and other <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Nepali felt goods</a> sold by the Kathmandu Clothing, the largest <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/126-organic-eco-friendly-clothing-wholesale">wholesale dealer of organic clothing</a> and accessories online presents to you its line of felt hair clips which makes your hair look prettier in them. Each of these felt hair clips are made by the women of Nepal. They have sheen of the creatures of nature. Each felt hair clip is contrasting in colour, design and shape. Order now from Kathmandu Clothing Store and get your set of felt hair clips to show off to your friends and other. So Buy Felt hair clips now online and get free delivery.</p>
  • Felt Scarves

    Felt Scarves

    <h2>Shop for <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/87-felt-scarves-wholesale">felted scarves</a> and nuno felted scarves at wholesale prices.</h2> <p><span>Kathmandu Clothing feels proud to be as a leading supplier of wholesale felt products and felt manufacturer company and over 15 years in <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing">Nepali clothes </a>wholesale business, we supply more than 1000 styles of top quality Scarves, nepalese clothes, products and Handicrafts. We also offer scarves made of different material such as Pashmina, wool , felt, organic cotton scarves, and felt scarfs, all at wholesale prices to local scarves Wholesalers, local <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/73-pashmina-scarves-wholesale">Pashmina scarfs</a> distributors and Mall Scarves Retailers and e-commerce Scarves retail &amp; Wholesale websites. Experience professional service and quality products today.</span></p>
  • Felt hats

    Felt hats

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/88-felt-hats-wholesale">wholesale felt wool hats</a> online at Kathmandu Clothing Store. </h2> <p><span>Kathmandu Clothing Store is your online source for <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">wholesale Nepali felt products</a> such as felt bags, keychains, balls, hair clips, toys, slippers and many other felt items, an</span><span>d Nepali handmade products</span><span> at the lowest wholesale prices on the internet! </span><span>To find out what is new in our store check out our new products section or read our </span><a target="_blank" href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/blog">blog</a><span>.</span></p>
  • Felt Slippers

    Felt Slippers

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/89-nepal-felt-slippers-wholesale">Nepali felt slippers and shoes</a> at wholesale prices only at Kathmandu Clothing Store</h2> <p>Nepali Felt Slippers are very stylish, cozy and casual footwear for everyone. Light on feet and comfortable to walk in, these neaplese<span> slippers</span> are easy to wear with any sort of casual clothing. To carry a perfect casual look, wear these felted shoes with denim shorts or jeans! Nepalese slippers for women and men come in a variety of styles and colors. Pick from various designs, these Nepalese felts slippers are quality slippers besides being fashionable footwear. Explore our complete collection of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Nepali felt products</a> and buy felt slippers online in Nepal at kathmanduClothing.com</p>
  • Felt Balls

    Felt Balls

    <h2>Shop for Nepali felt balls, felt crafts and products at wholesale prices.</h2> <p></p> <p><span>At Kathmandu Clothing Store Nepal, we seek to provide you with the highest quality of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">Nepalese felt crafts</a>. Our huge selection of Nepalese wool felt balls and products is unmatched: we offer various colors of genuine<a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale"> Nepali wool felt products</a> such as bags, balls, rugs, hair clips, keychains, slippers, hats and many more. We started our business to share our love for this fabulous material and our goal is to make you fall in love with it too.</span></p> <p><span>These<a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/127-nepal-felt-balls-wholesale"> Nepali Felt balls</a> are all handmade, By hardworking ethnic Nepalese women. We have assorted felt balls: plain, colored, shaded and beaded. We have all types of these cute felt balls that you are looking for.  They are made up from natural wool free dyes which are eco friendly and non–toxic chemicals. We offer <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/127-nepal-felt-balls-wholesale">wholesale felt balls from Nepal</a> in very cheap prices </span></p> <p><span>So shop now for these amazing cute Nepalese felt balls at Kathmandu Wholesale Clothing store and your felt items shall be delivered free to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world for Free.</span></p>

Shop now for felt crafts and Nepalese felt products at wholesale prices.

Natural inspiration plays a major part in making intriguing add-on by women of Nepal who spend the day producing ideal felt supplements to compliment our line of Nepali clothes. They range of handmade felt products from felt bags, felt balls, felt key-rings, felt brooches, felt birdsfelt hair clips and many more. The ideas for the designs stem from the natural milieu in which they go about working wonders of artistic designs with magical nimble fingers of theirs, just to be displayed globally by you when you make a purchase. Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale supplier and manufacturer company of felt products in Nepal, makes it happen by being the bridge for you, who display the wonders and for them, who create it for you. "Click on respective category image above to see the product listing."



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