Woolen Headbands

Colors : Assorted / Mixed Material: Wool Head Circumference : 25.1 inches (63 cm)  Pack Size Ratio: Free size Unit Weight : 4.23 oz (120 grams)

Colors : Assorted / Mixed  Material: Wool Lining : Polyester Fleece Head Circumference : 23.3 inches ( 59.4 cm) Pack Size Ratio: Free sizes Unit Weight : 2.11 oz ( 60 grams)

Color : As seen in pictureFabrics: 100% woolLining: fleece  Height: 4.5 inches (11.43cm) Head Circumference : 18.5 inches (46.99cm) Pack Size Ratio: Free size Unit Weight : 8.81oz (250 grams)
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Nepal is a country with rugged mountainous terrain, where the infamous Everest mountain stands. If you've seen the movie Dr Strange, then you'd have a general idea of how it is like over there as depicted by the movie when Dr Strange had to there to find some kind of mystical approach to life. If you live in Kathmandu or most other places in Nepal, you'd have to be well prepared to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is very cold over there, not entirely because of its latitude but because of its altitude- that is its height. So it's slightly different from the coldness you might have experienced in say the Nordic countries.

For Nepalese, it's like a tradition to put on these woolen knitted headbands, ear warmer headbands and other crafted knitted headbands on daily basis, if not, all the time.With all these natural experiences to withstand cold weather, Nepal has come up with its own local manufacturer and wholesaler of winter clothing's online. This is the online store to go to if you're looking for a woolen headband wholesaler with a bit different in look and style. All the products are actually woven by Nepalese own local women who have the century-old skills. But don't assume that the woolen headbands to be old-fashioned or classic in design or weaving techniques because these craftswomen have been exposed to modern styling and Technics. The end-products can be regarded as a combination of art and craft from both the Land of the Himalayas and the western world.

Mostly designed for women, men and babies the woolen headbands will make your hair a lot tidier and keep it in place especially when you're actively moving around. It will also ensure your ears and head are kept warm during the cold winter.The headbands are entirely made of wool. They appear in a lot of colors and crafted in numerous classic and modern designs. In order to withstand the cold weather the woolen headband is designed to be thick and feel warm. Most of them are fairly stretchable and able to hold your as not to cover the face as well as the forehead and ears.All the comfort and practicality of using these specially knitted woolen headbands are appreciated without realizing that they are crafted by the ethnic rural women from Nepal! They come in a number of designs, various colors and in different patterns. 

All of these knitted woolen headbands are presented to the world by Kathmandu Clothing, one of the largest wholesale supplier of woolen clothing and handicrafts from Nepal. They are very soft and comfortably wrapped around your head and ears and can nicely stay there for the entire day. Make use of the efficient and instant online browsing to access to huge range of colorful and exciting woolen headbands. Kathmandu Clothing will take no time to send it at your doorstep. 

How To Take Care Of Your Woolen Headbands

Set your wash to slow cycle, otherwise just wash it with your hands in warm or cold water. Remember not to bleach tumble dry.


Please bear in mind that these products are made by hand. It is normal for handicrafts made this way to vary in appearance, color, size as well as its design. You can expect that there will be some difference from one piece to another. It is also worth to mention that what appears on the computer screen might be slightly different from the real thing due to various factors. After all these ate products manufactures by women from one of the most remote countries in the Himalayan mountains. Therefore the accuracy of the woven work is not 100% guaranteed. After all that’s the beauty of hand-made products.

The Wholesaler

Kathmandu clothing is a leading and highly established wholesale online retailer of woolen clothing from Nepal. Nepalese wholesale products are our specialty. We also manufacture fair trade Nepal clothing and the products are sent to many countries around Nepal, such as India, China and Pakistan. Other than this product line, we also offer excellent and very efficient high quality services to customers all over the world. There are free shipping to places all around the globe. We also offer special discounts, awesome quality and unforgettable buying experience. Best of all our products are very trendy and anyone buying them would want to showcase them on the streets as soon as it gets out of the packaging.

Keep your hair tidy, keep your hair in place with woolen headbands and at the same time keep your head and ears warm away from the chills of winter with the woolen headbands knitted specially for you by the ethnic rural women of Nepali in various designs, colors and patterns. All of these woolen headbands products are brought to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale exporter of woolen clothing and woolen products from Nepal. Check below to choose your pick from the colorful range of cute woolen headbands and we at Kathmandu Clothing will send it to you with speed.



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