Woolen Jackets

Shop online for Nepali wool fleece jackets, sweaters and coats only at Kathmanduclothing.com

Kathmandu has some of the best wool products available online now for wholesalers. With their handmade wool products and handicrafts made by Nepalese women, Kathmandu Clothing is breaking the mold for warm and trendy clothing. Kathmandu Clothing has one slogan, and they seem to live up to it every day: give our customers a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience around the world, with the widest range of products at the best value for your money.

Snowflakes Nepali woolen jackets, simply woolen jackets and hooded woolen jackets made of sheep and yak wool by varied ethnic women groups of Nepal this winter is proudly up for grabs. All brought to you by the largest mass supplier of Nepali woolen clothes and products – Kathmandu Clothing to keep you warm and chill free. Check out the designs, patterns and colors of the Nepalese jackets and bohemian hippie styled jackets and, as always, Kathmandu Clothing with dispatch them to you before the chill set into your bones and what more you get the opportunity of flaunting off yourself in full panache to friends and colleagues where ever you go with a glow of warmth in your heart from Nepal.

Woolen Jacket - Woolen Jackets

Woolen Jacket