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Shop online for Nepali wool fleece jackets, sweaters and coats only at KathmanduClothing.com

We all know exactly how it feels when the weather starts to turn cooler: we realize that we are quickly staring down the barrel of freezing cold and wet weather. Especially for those living in the northern climes, winter will get bitterly cold, and leaving many winter clothes lacking.

Kathmandu Clothing is a different kind of cold weather clothing. The products being made of wool, in a rural Nepalese village will already set the clothing apart. However, the real factor that sets Kathmandu Clothing apart is that they use locally sourced, eco-friendly materials in their products, in order to reduce their carbon footprint. The company also strives to become one of authenticity, by showing authenticity to their product, as well as their customers. In the vein of that promise, Kathmandu Clothing produces all of their made in nepal woolen clothing from natural fabrics and colors them with natural dyes. With a business that is in the process of reducing their carbon footprint, one clothing item at a time, Kathmandu Clothing is one of the best wholesale woolen clothing supplier store to look at.

Buy Woolen jackets made in Nepal!

Woolen coats from Kathmandu Clothing are both trendy and classic with their styling. At times, this can seem contradictory, but it leads them to be both a blast from the past and the nod towards the present. Kathmandu Clothing strives to bring the old world to the new world, merging them as they should be for ancestry. The clothes are hand-crafted by the women of Nepal, before being sent directly to your door with one of the fastest delivery times of most sites online. Woolen fleece jackets from Kathmandu Clothing are comfortable and stylish, available in a variety of colors and styles available through the website. These woolen jackets are handmade, soft to the touch, and warm enough to withstand the coldest winter. The wool fleece jackets, as well, are treated to keep cold rain from soaking through the lining, onto you.To find the largest catalog of yak woolen jackets, nepali wool fleece jackets, woolen jackets for men, wool lined jackets and woolen sweaters, investigate Kathmandu Clothing, one of the largest wholesale suppliers of woolen clothing and handicrafts from Nepal.

When buying your new made in Nepal woolen jackets, you should also investigate the best way to take care of them. Experts recommend remembering not to bleach or tumble dry your woolen jackets, to keep their shape and color. Wash on gentle cycle, to prevent unraveling, with a mild detergent; remove promptly from the machine and lay flat, spread out, to let the woolen jacket, dry correctly. Keep in mind that, being made from natural wool, these garments will stretch over time, as well as lose their shape. This is normal and can be prevented by laying the garment completely flat when drying, and not using wire hangers. 

Kathmandu has some of the best wool products available online now for wholesalers. With their handmade wool products and handicrafts made by Nepalese women, Kathmandu Clothing is breaking the mold for warm and trendy clothing. Kathmandu Clothing has one slogan, and they seem to live up to it every day: give our customers a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience around the world, with the widest range of products at the best value for your money.

When ordering from Kathmandu Clothing, you will get your shipment quickly, as well, guaranteed. Kathmandu Clothing will immediately process your order on receiving it and have reported 97% of their orders are delivered in between four and five business days. With so many pros, it’s easy to see why Kathmandu Clothing should be your next stop for woolen goods, including woolen jackets for men, woolen sweaters, wool fleece jackets, and wool lined jackets

Nepalese woolen jackets at wholesale prices

Kathmandu Clothing offers many different parts of its comprehensive values to customers. They offer the best value for your money, show by their low prices for quality products. On-time delivery is another of their paths, where numbers can’t lie. Their site overflows with products, which speaks to their dedication to having a variety of products. They also employ customer service representatives that will work with you to quickly resolve your concerns.While many sites may not live up to all of the values that they promote on their main pages, Kathmandu Clothing is one of the few that consistently does. Whether it is with the coupons that they give to loyal customers; the discounts and valued items that they work to bring to their platform; or, the quality of fabric and products that they can send out, Kathmandu Clothing definitely lives up to all of their promises. 

Snowflakes Nepali woolen jackets, simply woolen jackets and hooded woolen jackets made of sheep and yak wool by varied ethnic women groups of Nepal this winter is proudly up for grabs. All brought to you by the largest mass supplier of Nepali woolen clothes and products – Kathmandu Clothing to keep you warm and chill free. Check out the designs, patterns and colours of the Nepalese jackets and bohemian hippie styled jackets and, as always, Kathmandu Clothing with dispatch them to you before the chill set into your bones and what more you get the opportunity of flaunting off yourself in full panache to friends and colleagues where ever you go with a glow of warmth in your heart from Nepal.




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