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This hat has been made form 100% jute. It is a green coloured hand with tints of purple, orange and white running from front to back. Its broad stiff edged shades help to keep it from dropping and the sun from the...

This is hat made from hemp and jute with a soft inner layer for comfort wearing. Its outer rim helps to protect the eyes and neck from strong sunshine. It comes in an assortment of colours such as blue, pink and purple.

Colors : Assorted / Mixed Material: Recycled PVC with poly-cotton lining Head Circumference : 25.2 inch (64.0cm) Unit Weight :  3.5 oz ( 100 grams)
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Hemp Hats, Caps and beanies Make Superb Environment-Friendly Gifts

It goes without saying that the style, color and cut of various types of clothing often goes out of fashion. However, not many people know that fabrics can go out of fashion as well. For instance, during the 1970s, the demand for hemp clothing (including hemp hats, scarves, belts etc.) reached its peak before fading away. In recent times, the demand for clothes made from hemp has been on the rise. The bright, vivid colors of these clothes have made them quite popular. Unsurprisingly, people looking for hemp hats wholesale have been turning to reputed providers of Made in Nepal products to obtain the clothes and accessories they require.

What Reasons Contribute to the Popularity of Hemp Baseball Hats, tilley hemp hats, hemp Caps, beanies  and Other Items of hemp Clothing?

Hemp has the distinction of being one of the oldest fibers used by humans to make clothes (including hemp hats). The strength, softness and pliability of hemp fibers has made them quite popular. In addition, clothes made from hemp will last you for several years. Of late, clothes made from hemp have assumed greater importance because of their biodegradable traits. Hemp plants have deep root systems that prevent soil erosion. This system helps in detoxification of the soil and aerating it, which benefit future crops. Moreover, hemp plants do not require herbicides, pesticides etc. either. Thus, it comes as no surprise that wholesale Nepali clothing suppliers have been witnessing an increasing demand for hemp caps, bags etc.

People who stay outdoors for most parts of the day will require some protection from the sun. In this scenario, they will seldom consider stepping outdoors without hemp hats, scarves or caps. For these individuals, hemp caps and hemp baseball hats can be worthwhile additions to their wardrobes. Not only do these caps and hats provide superb levels of protection from the sun’s rays. They remain highly comfortable to wear as well. And, contrary to popular perception, hemp scarves and caps will certainly not make you look out-of-style. Purchasing hemp hats wholesale does not present any challenge either. Simply walk into the facility of a Nepali clothes supplier to browse through their enviable selection of hemp clothing. If you know someone who likes clothing that features natural, safe and eco-friendly fibers, you could gift them hats, belts, bags, sandals etc. made from hemp. Such gifts will certainly win you a lot of appreciation.

Discover a range of Hemp hats and hemp products in wholesale price

As mentioned earlier, finding hemp hats in wholesale prices poses no difficulties nowadays. From hemp baseball hats to hemp bracelets, these suppliers will offer an enviable range of Made in Nepal’ products. Some of the most popular varieties of products these suppliers offer include:

  •  The Rasta Stripe hemp Hat: This hay-colored hat features two sets of red, green and yellow stripes. It’s broad and round shades have stiff outer edges to provide protection from the sun. In addition, the soft cotton inner lining enhances comfort levels.
  •  The Hemp & Cotton iPad Bag: Made from hemp and knitted cotton, this bag weighs just 3.5 ounces. It features cotton on the sides and hemp on the outer circumference. The soft inner lining protects from scratches. And, this bag features a pair of cloth handles to carry it by hand as well.
  •  The Hemp & Cotton Backpack: Made by women in Nepal, this backpack provides an easy way for carrying several items comfortably. It features hemp and gehri cotton. The inner chamber has a soft cotton lining to prevent spillage.
  •  The Flowery tilley hemp Sun Hats: If you prefer hats and caps that look stylish and elegant, opt for these flowery hemp hats. One of the top-selling items at Nepali clothes supplier facilities, this hand-knit hat comprises jute and hemp. It has a broad brim that protects you from the sin. More importantly, it features an assortment of beautiful crochet flowers. 
  • Simple and Plain Hemp Caps: These dark-beige caps provide wonderful alternatives if you don’t like wearing hats. These Eco-friendly caps protect your face from the glare of the sun. Made from natural hemp fabric, adjusting these caps to suit your head remains quite easy as well. 

Kathmandu Clothing the Hemp clothing wholesaler, supplier and distributor from Nepal

When you need quality, cost-effective and natural hemp hats and caps, you’ll need to pick your supplier with care. It’s best to purchase hemp hats wholesale. However, people who cannot access these suppliers might need to shop online. In this scenario, ensure that you make your purchases from reputed providers of Made in Nepal’ product Kathmandu Clothing, The leading hemp clothing wholesaler, brings to you hats made from hemp, jute and recycled materials handmade by the rural women of Nepal. There are a variety of designs uniquely made in contrasting colors, hue, materials and patterns each making you get the feel of gaiety for being hippie or bohemian, but yet serving the intended purpose of a hat; protecting from sun heat and keeping your hair in place. Place your order and we at Kathmandu clothing will dispatch it to your door steps within 4 to 5 business days.



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