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These great and funky design woolen hats and beanie hats which are of excellent quality and full of character have been knitted from 100% wool by the rural women of Nepal. Don’t get the chill this winter. Keep your head and neck warm and cosy with various designed woolen hats, all brought to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale dealer of Woolen products from Nepal and garments from this part of the world. The designs, patterns and mixture of color surpass all, just because we at Kathmandu Clothing believe that you should have the best in life. Choose for the trendy, chic and olio of Nepali ethnic designs below and Kathmandu Clothing will see that they get to you in time to keep you warm and cozy.

As you know how to protect yourself from the cold is the main concern in winter or spring. In a cold country like Nepal, protecting against low ambient temperatures is very important. This rugged terrain populated by high mountains. This is the case of Mount Everest giving full importance to this place. Therefore in Kathmandu, the style of dress uses the use of several accessories such as caps, headbands, etc ...The cold can be long a plague when one does not protect it properly. You most certainly remember the fact that Jack in Titanic is frozen frozen to absolute zero after ship wrecks as well as the death of several other passengers of the same ship after being rescued from the waters. It is therefore important for you to be well prepared to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the area.

People in Nepal are used to wearing woolen headbands,  hats, caps, beanies covering their necks and ears. Kathmandu Clothing is constantly immersed in this daily makes you discover through its shop, the various brands of wool hats it offers you to spend peaceful days away from the cold. The Kathmandu Clothing Online Shop is an ideal wholesaler who will help you find what you want in wool cap. This will give you the coveted look while combining comfort and protection against the cold. These products, designed in a very professional and original way, are the result of techniques from local artisans as well as other Westerners and the Himalayas. Everything is based of course on a rigorous work close to the detail.

Suitable for women, men and children, the woolen caps guarantee silky hair and free from breakage, even if you do a lot ofmovement outdoors. You are also guaranteed to keep your head warm despite the periods of coldness you will experience. The hats are only made of wool and are available in many colors and designs. Depending on the type of hat, they can not cover their ears according to their needs, and a team of Nepali native women specially trained to work with color schemes and a variety of designs is on hand to make sure.

All these accessories that have been briefly presented to you come from Kathmandu Clothing, the reference in Nepalese wool clothing accessories supplier. They're comfortable, protect your hair well and can stay on your head for a whole day without you having to remove them. To better enjoy a wider range of woolen hats than we have offered, visit our online store and place your orders. Kathmandu Clothing will answer you within one minute by sending you your order at home.

Some Woolen Caps and woolen hats from our range

Kathmandu Clothing offers a wide range of hats entirely designed by women artisans in Nepal top reserve the tradition and originality of knitting but with modern. We can quote you here:

The Wool Ears Cap: designed with assorted colors and assembled with mixed fabrics for a circumference of 23.3 inches or 59 cm and a weight of 250 grams. It is offered for an exclusive price of $ 5.90.

The wool cap with a ponytail: with the same characteristics as the ear cup. And that at only $ 8.79.

Long Wool Beanie: plus a 22-inch stroke protection and a 12.5-inch height in addition to the other features listed above.

The big wool hat: with matching colors and a mix of mixed fabrics. For a price of $ 6.94.

The Muslim Mad Cap: for a weight of 100 grams with matching colors. It is worth $ 5.76.

The Flower Cap: made of mixed wool fabrics and available in assorted colors for a total weight of 100 grams. Its price is 5.78 $.

Two-Sided Beanie: with matching colors and mixed wool fabrics for a total weight of 100 grams. It is worth $ 5.89.

The Rasta Hat: with matching colors all like its predecessors, it has a circumference of 23 inches making it ideal for rasta cuts for a total weight of 150 grams. It costs $ 8.92.

Woolen Animal Hats:  100% woolen animal hat with fleece lining. The hat has ear flaps, which have attached braided tassels. Its brim has crochet details, knitted stripes and appliqués. The hat top has a fluffy ball, and the hat is warm and soft.

There are a lot of variations on woolen hats with unbeatable prices. And you certainly want to know how to preserve them once acquired? This is what we will explain later. So please note what is happening regarding the maintenance of woolen hats.

How to take care of your Woolen Caps

Set your washing machine on the slow cycle, or wash it with your hands only in hot or cold water without using bleach. The bleach will weaken the mixed fabrics that make up the hat which will accelerate its degradation and thus reduce the protection it brings to your head and your hair. We therefore strongly advise against this if you wish to extend the period of use of your wool cap and therefore to takefull advantage of it.

The wool caps can vary in appearance from each other as well as from the design point of view because they are handcrafted. Therefore, their online appearance may differ to a few factors. Do not be surprised to find yourself confronted once acquisition of your order because it's natural. Whether you're wearing hats (women's wool hats, men's wool hats and even children's wool hats) that we offer, headbands or any other dress accessories from Kathmandu Clothing, you'll notice the same elements as to their presentation or appearance. The originality of an object always comes from the details that constitute it and we make a point of honor

with regard to the totality of the products which we sell. That being the case, we guarantee you a satisfaction like no other once you have tried a hat designed by our expert women.

The wholesaler

Kathmandu Clothing is an online wholesale retailer specializing in the supply of woolen garments of various ranges. The wholesaler also supplies trading accessories to some countries with which he has good trade relations such as Pakistan, India and China. We offer exceptional discounts and purchase experience based on superior quality services to our customers worldwide through our online store. An assured experience as the products sold are focused on the latest trends in fashion which makes them even more expressive for our buyers once unpacked.

Protect yourself from the cold by preserving your head, hair and ears with woolen caps knitted by native craftsmen from Nepal. Make your choice in the full range of woolen hats made available online by us, Kathmandu Clothing, and they will be sent to you immediately.




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