• Animal Hats

    Animal Hats

    <h2><span xml:lang="en-gb" lang="en-gb">Shop now for <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/39-wholesale-crochet-animal-hats">wholesale Animal hats</a> and crochet Animal ears beanies.</span></h2> <p><span xml:lang="en-gb" lang="en-gb">Go wild and add fun and character to your winter look with our wide range of Animal Hats such as crochet animal hats, crazy animal hats, baby animal hats, knitted animal hats and animal beanies. The hats are hand knitted from wool.  Each woollen animal hat is unique and contrasting in design, color, shape and size. This is brought to you for your choosing by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale dealer of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">Nepalese woollen garments</a> and clothes and other Nepali accessories, created by the different women ethnic groups of Nepal. Choose your pick and we at Kathmandu Clothing will get it to you immediately</span></p>
  • Woolen Gloves

    Woolen Gloves

    <p>Winter is approaching and Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale supplier of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">woolen clothes hippie bohemian clothes</a>, hemp clothes, <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/62-nepal-felt-products-wholesale">felt clothes</a> and<a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/71-nepal-cashmere-pashmina-wholesale"> pashmina or cashmere clothes from Nepal</a>, proudly show cases they line of woolen gloves for your cold hands. The woolen gloves of Nepali origin are made of 100% natural wool and are bound to give the warm comforts this winter. They are knitted by the rural women of Nepal into chic, trendy designs accentuating different colors and patterns that bring out the ethnic Nepalese fashion and boho hippie nature in you. The <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/40-woolen-gloves">woolen gloves from Nepal</a> ranges from mittens, to finger tips exposed, to full comfort gloves and to wool fingerless gloves with mitten cover. So what are you waiting for, make your pick and we at Kathmandu Clothing will expedite them to you before the chill begins to bite.</p>
  • Woolen Socks

    Woolen Socks

    <p>Here we have a range of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/41-woolen-socks">woolen socks from Nepal</a>, which are of excellent quality and character and knitted from 100% wool. Keep your feet warm and cosy this winter with a range of different types of woolen socks, with plain feet socks to boot designed socks to full covered knee socks, handmade woolen socks to colorful woolen socks and knitted woolen socks brought to you by the courtesy of Kathmandu Clothing, the leading <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">wholesale supplier of woolen clothing</a> and accessories from Nepal, knitted by the rural women of Nepal in 100% wool specially for your warmth in amazing designs and colors to bring gaiety into life this winter. Choose from the range below and we at Kathmandu Clothing will dispatch them immediately so that your feet stay warm this winter.</p>
  • Woolen Caps

    Woolen Caps

    <p></p> <h1>Buy Woolen Caps Online</h1> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">These great and funky design woolen hats and beanie hats which are of excellent quality and full of character have been knitted from 100% wool by the rural women of Nepal. Don’t get the chill this winter. Keep your head and neck warm and cosy with various designed woolen hats, all brought to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">wholesale dealer of Woolen products from Nep</a>al and garments from this part of the world. The designs, patterns and mixture of color surpass all, just because we at Kathmandu Clothing believe that you should have the best in life. Choose for the trendy, chic and olio of Nepali ethnic designs below and Kathmandu Clothing will see that they get to you in time to keep you warm and cozy.</p> <p>As you know how to protect yourself from the cold is the main concern in winter or spring. In a cold country like Nepal, protecting against low ambient temperatures is very important. This rugged terrain populated by high mountains. This is the case of Mount Everest giving full importance to this place. Therefore in Kathmandu, the style of dress uses the use of several accessories such as caps, headbands, etc ...The cold can be long a plague when one does not protect it properly. You most certainly remember the fact that Jack in Titanic is frozen frozen to absolute zero after ship wrecks as well as the death of several other passengers of the same ship after being rescued from the waters. It is therefore important for you to be well prepared to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the area.</p> <p>People in Nepal are used to wearing <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/55-woolen-Headbands">woolen headbands</a>,  hats, caps, beanies covering their necks and ears. Kathmandu Clothing is constantly immersed in this daily makes you discover through its shop, the various brands of wool hats it offers you to spend peaceful days away from the cold. The Kathmandu Clothing Online Shop is an ideal wholesaler who will help you find what you want in wool cap. This will give you the coveted look while combining comfort and protection against the cold. These products, designed in a very professional and original way, are the result of techniques from local artisans as well as other Westerners and the Himalayas. Everything is based of course on a rigorous work close to the detail.</p> <p>Suitable for women, men and children, the woolen caps guarantee silky hair and free from breakage, even if you do a lot ofmovement outdoors. You are also guaranteed to keep your head warm despite the periods of coldness you will experience. The hats are only made of wool and are available in many colors and designs. Depending on the type of hat, they can not cover their ears according to their needs, and a team of Nepali native women specially trained to work with color schemes and a variety of designs is on hand to make sure.</p> <p>All these accessories that have been briefly presented to you come from Kathmandu Clothing, the reference in Nepalese wool clothing accessories supplier. They're comfortable, protect your hair well and can stay on your head for a whole day without you having to remove them. To better enjoy a wider range of woolen hats than we have offered, visit our online store and place your orders. Kathmandu Clothing will answer you within one minute by sending you your order at home.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Some Woolen Caps and <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/39-wholesale-crochet-animal-hats">woolen hats</a> from our range</strong></p> <h3></h3> <p>Kathmandu Clothing offers a wide range of hats entirely designed by women artisans in Nepal top reserve the tradition and originality of knitting but with modern. We can quote you here:</p> <p>The Wool Ears Cap: designed with assorted colors and assembled with mixed fabrics for a circumference of 23.3 inches or 59 cm and a weight of 250 grams. It is offered for an exclusive price of $ 5.90.</p> <p>The wool cap with a ponytail: with the same characteristics as the ear cup. And that at only $ 8.79.</p> <p>Long Wool Beanie: plus a 22-inch stroke protection and a 12.5-inch height in addition to the other features listed above.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The big wool hat: with matching colors and a mix of mixed fabrics. For a price of $ 6.94.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The Muslim Mad Cap: for a weight of 100 grams with matching colors. It is worth $ 5.76.</p> <p>The Flower Cap: made of mixed wool fabrics and available in assorted colors for a total weight of 100 grams. Its price is 5.78 $.</p> <p>Two-Sided Beanie: with matching colors and mixed wool fabrics for a total weight of 100 grams. It is worth $ 5.89.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The Rasta Hat: with matching colors all like its predecessors, it has a circumference of 23 inches making it ideal for rasta cuts for a total weight of 150 grams. It costs $ 8.92.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/39-wholesale-crochet-animal-hats">Woolen Animal Hats</a>:  100% woolen animal hat with fleece lining. The hat has ear flaps, which have attached braided tassels. Its brim has crochet details, knitted stripes and appliqués. The hat top has a fluffy ball, and the hat is warm and soft.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p>There are a lot of variations on woolen hats with unbeatable prices. And you certainly want to know how to preserve them once acquired? This is what we will explain later. So please note what is happening regarding the maintenance of woolen hats.</p> <h3>How to take care of your Woolen Caps</h3> <p>Set your washing machine on the slow cycle, or wash it with your hands only in hot or cold water without using bleach. The bleach will weaken the mixed fabrics that make up the hat which will accelerate its degradation and thus reduce the protection it brings to your head and your hair. We therefore strongly advise against this if you wish to extend the period of use of your wool cap and therefore to takefull advantage of it.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The wool caps can vary in appearance from each other as well as from the design point of view because they are handcrafted. Therefore, their online appearance may differ to a few factors. Do not be surprised to find yourself confronted once acquisition of your order because it's natural. Whether you're wearing hats (women's wool hats, men's wool hats and even children's wool hats) that we offer, headbands or any other dress accessories from Kathmandu Clothing, you'll notice the same elements as to their presentation or appearance. The originality of an object always comes from the details that constitute it and we make a point of honor</p> <p class="MsoNormal">with regard to the totality of the products which we sell. That being the case, we guarantee you a satisfaction like no other once you have tried a hat designed by our expert women.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>The wholesaler</strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/">Kathmandu Clothing</a> is an online wholesale retailer specializing in the supply of woolen garments of various ranges. The wholesaler also supplies trading accessories to some countries with which he has good trade relations such as Pakistan, India and China. We offer exceptional discounts and purchase experience based on superior quality services to our customers worldwide through our online store. An assured experience as the products sold are focused on the latest trends in fashion which makes them even more expressive for our buyers once unpacked.</p> <p>Protect yourself from the cold by preserving your head, hair and ears with woolen caps knitted by native craftsmen from Nepal. Make your choice in the full range of woolen hats made available online by us, Kathmandu Clothing, and they will be sent to you immediately.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p> </p> <p></p>
  • Woolen Jackets

    Woolen Jackets

    <h3>Shop online for Nepali wool fleece jackets, sweaters and coats only at KathmanduClothing.com</h3> <p>We all know exactly how it feels when the weather starts to turn cooler: we realize that we are quickly staring down the barrel of freezing cold and wet weather. Especially for those living in the northern climes, winter will get bitterly cold, and leaving many winter clothes lacking.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Kathmandu Clothing is a different kind of cold weather clothing. The products being made of wool, in a rural Nepalese village will already set the clothing apart. However, the real factor that sets Kathmandu Clothing apart is that they use locally sourced, eco-friendly materials in their products, in order to reduce their carbon footprint. The company also strives to become one of authenticity, by showing authenticity to their product, as well as their customers. In the vein of that promise, Kathmandu Clothing produces all of their made in nepal woolen clothing from natural fabrics and colors them with natural dyes. With a business that is in the process of reducing their carbon footprint, one clothing item at a time, Kathmandu Clothing is one of the best <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">wholesale woolen clothing supplier store</a> to look at.</p> <h3>Buy Woolen jackets made in Nepal!</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Woolen coats from Kathmandu Clothing are both trendy and classic with their styling. At times, this can seem contradictory, but it leads them to be both a blast from the past and the nod towards the present. Kathmandu Clothing strives to bring the old world to the new world, merging them as they should be for ancestry. The clothes are hand-crafted by the women of Nepal, before being sent directly to your door with one of the fastest delivery times of most sites online. Woolen fleece jackets from Kathmandu Clothing are comfortable and stylish, available in a variety of colors and styles available through the website. These woolen jackets are handmade, soft to the touch, and warm enough to withstand the coldest winter. The wool fleece jackets, as well, are treated to keep cold rain from soaking through the lining, onto you.To find the largest catalog of yak woolen jackets, nepali wool fleece jackets, woolen jackets for men, wool lined jackets and woolen sweaters, investigate Kathmandu Clothing, one of the largest wholesale suppliers of woolen clothing and <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com">handicrafts from Nepal.</a></p> <p class="MsoNormal">When buying your new <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/54-woolen-jackets">made in Nepal woolen jackets</a>, you should also investigate the best way to take care of them. Experts recommend remembering not to bleach or tumble dry your woolen jackets, to keep their shape and color. Wash on gentle cycle, to prevent unraveling, with a mild detergent; remove promptly from the machine and lay flat, spread out, to let the woolen jacket, dry correctly. Keep in mind that, being made from natural wool, these garments will stretch over time, as well as lose their shape. This is normal and can be prevented by laying the garment completely flat when drying, and not using wire hangers. </p> <p class="MsoNormal">Kathmandu has some of the best wool products available online now for wholesalers. With their handmade wool products and handicrafts made by Nepalese women, Kathmandu Clothing is breaking the mold for warm and trendy clothing. Kathmandu Clothing has one slogan, and they seem to live up to it every day: give our customers a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience around the world, with the widest range of products at the best value for your money.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">When ordering from Kathmandu Clothing, you will get your shipment quickly, as well, guaranteed. Kathmandu Clothing will immediately process your order on receiving it and have reported 97% of their orders are delivered in between four and five business days. With so many pros, it’s easy to see why Kathmandu Clothing should be your next stop for woolen goods, including woolen jackets for men, woolen sweaters, wool fleece jackets, and wool lined jackets</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal"><a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">Nepalese woolen jackets</a> at wholesale prices</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">Kathmandu Clothing offers many different parts of its comprehensive values to customers. They offer the best value for your money, show by their low prices for quality products. On-time delivery is another of their paths, where numbers can’t lie. Their site overflows with products, which speaks to their dedication to having a variety of products. They also employ customer service representatives that will work with you to quickly resolve your concerns.While many sites may not live up to all of the values that they promote on their main pages, Kathmandu Clothing is one of the few that consistently does. Whether it is with the coupons that they give to loyal customers; the discounts and valued items that they work to bring to their platform; or, the quality of fabric and products that they can send out, Kathmandu Clothing definitely lives up to all of their promises. </p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Snowflakes Nepali woolen jackets, simply woolen jackets and hooded woolen jackets made of sheep and yak wool by varied ethnic women groups of Nepal this winter is proudly up for grabs. All brought to you by the largest mass supplier of Nepali woolen clothes and products – Kathmandu Clothing to keep you warm and chill free. Check out the designs, patterns and colours of the Nepalese jackets and <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/2-home">bohemian hippie styled jackets</a> and, as always, Kathmandu Clothing with dispatch them to you before the chill set into your bones and what more you get the opportunity of flaunting off yourself in full panache to friends and colleagues where ever you go with a glow of warmth in your heart from Nepal.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p> </p>
  • Woolen Headbands

    Woolen Headbands

    <h2>Buy <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/55-woolen-Headbands">Woolen Headbands </a>Wholesale Online</h2> <p>Nepal is a country with rugged mountainous terrain, where the infamous Everest mountain stands. If you've seen the movie Dr Strange, then you'd have a general idea of how it is like over there as depicted by the movie when Dr Strange had to there to find some kind of mystical approach to life. If you live in Kathmandu or most other places in Nepal, you'd have to be well prepared to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is very cold over there, not entirely because of its latitude but because of its altitude- that is its height. So it's slightly different from the coldness you might have experienced in say the Nordic countries.</p> <p>For Nepalese, it's like a tradition to put on these woolen knitted headbands, ear warmer headbands and other crafted knitted headbands on daily basis, if not, all the time.With all these natural experiences to withstand cold weather, Nepal has come up with its own local manufacturer and wholesaler of winter clothing's online. This is the online store to go to if you're looking for a woolen headband wholesaler with a bit different in look and style. All the products are actually woven by Nepalese own local women who have the century-old skills. But don't assume that the woolen headbands to be old-fashioned or classic in design or weaving techniques because these craftswomen have been exposed to modern styling and Technics. The end-products can be regarded as a combination of art and craft from both the Land of the Himalayas and the western world.</p> <p>Mostly designed for women, men and babies the woolen headbands will make your hair a lot tidier and keep it in place especially when you're actively moving around. It will also ensure your ears and head are kept warm during the cold winter.The headbands are entirely made of wool. They appear in a lot of colors and crafted in numerous classic and modern designs. In order to withstand the cold weather the woolen headband is designed to be thick and feel warm. Most of them are fairly stretchable and able to hold your as not to cover the face as well as the forehead and ears.All the comfort and practicality of using these specially knitted woolen headbands are appreciated without realizing that they are crafted by the ethnic rural women from Nepal! They come in a number of designs, various colors and in different patterns. </p> <p>All of these knitted woolen headbands are presented to the world by Kathmandu Clothing, one of the largest wholesale supplier of woolen clothing and handicrafts from Nepal. They are very soft and comfortably wrapped around your head and ears and can nicely stay there for the entire day. Make use of the efficient and instant online browsing to access to huge range of colorful and exciting woolen headbands. Kathmandu Clothing will take no time to send it at your doorstep. </p> <p></p> <h2>How To Take Care Of Your Woolen Headbands</h2> <p>Set your wash to slow cycle, otherwise just wash it with your hands in warm or cold water. Remember not to bleach tumble dry.</p> <p>Others</p> <p>Please bear in mind that these products are made by hand. It is normal for handicrafts made this way to vary in appearance, color, size as well as its design. You can expect that there will be some difference from one piece to another. It is also worth to mention that what appears on the computer screen might be slightly different from the real thing due to various factors. After all these ate products manufactures by women from one of the most remote countries in the Himalayan mountains. Therefore the accuracy of the woven work is not 100% guaranteed. After all that’s the beauty of hand-made products.</p> <p>The Wholesaler</p> <p>Kathmandu clothing is a leading and highly established wholesale online retailer of <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">woolen clothing from Nepa</a>l. <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing">Nepalese wholesale products</a> are our specialty. We also manufacture <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/64-nepal-clothing">fair trade Nepal clothing</a> and the products are sent to many countries around Nepal, such as India, China and Pakistan. Other than this product line, we also offer excellent and very efficient high quality services to customers all over the world. There are free shipping to places all around the globe. We also offer special discounts, awesome quality and unforgettable buying experience. Best of all our products are very trendy and anyone buying them would want to showcase them on the streets as soon as it gets out of the packaging.</p> <p>Keep your hair tidy, keep your hair in place with woolen headbands and at the same time keep your head and ears warm away from the chills of winter with the woolen headbands knitted specially for you by the ethnic rural women of Nepali in various designs, colors and patterns. All of these woolen headbands products are brought to you by <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/">Kathmandu Clothing</a>, the largest wholesale exporter of woolen clothing and <a href="https://www.kathmanduclothing.com/33-nepal-woolen-products">woolen products from Nepal</a>. Check below to choose your pick from the colorful range of cute woolen headbands and we at Kathmandu Clothing will send it to you with speed.</p>

Shop online for Nepali woolen products online at KathmanduClothing.com

Kathmandu Clothing store: The Nepali wool house 

Beat this chilling winter with our wide range of woolen clothes from Nepal. Explore our nepali woolen products and clothes such as jackets, coats, mufflers, gloves, animal hats, shawls, ponchos, headbands and woollen accessories that are designed to endure. From jackets and sweaters to hats and ponchos, every item is made of Nepalese wool that is crafted to make you look good, feel warm and comfortable, and to last long. Our woolen clothes are made from natural fibers that are warm, cozy and yet durable. They can be used normally for all occasions. Woolen garments from Nepal, since from natural resources, have no adverse affect on the body or the skin. Click on respective category image above to see the product listing.



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