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All about hippie clothes for men

Standing out fashion-wise takes much more than just picking out the right clothes to wear. Sometimes it's the story you tell that makes your costume speak volumes. With the men's hippy clothing nothing is too big nor too grungier for fashion greatness.

That's why the wholesale hippy clothing collection including shorts, pants, tunics, vests, boots, hats and shirts will never be an outdated style.

All about the modern men's hippie fashion
The fashion industry is the most versatile amongst all other industries with creativity erupting in all areas bring about intense competition. But the one thing about fashion is anything goes, literally.

Let's take a look at the hippie fashion. One might think this is just a term to refer to wide sized clothes meant to be worn by the heavier built men, but quite the contrary. It is a non-contemporary style of dressing that dates back to the 1960s.
Over half a century ago, there was a clothing rebellious movement that was then known as the hippie movement. People were dressed in outrageous clothes that looked like cast-off rags, recycled old clothes, baggy looking attires and color schemed clothes meant to be seen as their contemporary look. 
It had been a widespread movement that would have been hard to ignored seeing that the influence of the dress reform had spread from San Francisco, California and to the streets of London where many young designers were ready to embrace the new international fashion look.
All etiquette regarding the style of dressing back in the mid-60s had been protested with an obscure dressing that looked like a mad yet homogeneous form of dressing. With that came in the theatrical and historical birth of the hippy clothing that is now seen worn by many men.

Hippie clothes for men
If you walked down the street and spotted a man dressed in a hippy dungaree or harem pants you wouldn't just see a man dressed in ordinary clothes. These clothes were purposely handpicked and worn as a show of their sexuality, their sensuality and their fight for fashion freedom.

The hippie fashion is actually quite similar to the boho fashion culture that dates back over 2 centuries but the hippie costume was meant to be a celebration of the tribal fashion that was once seen to be wiped off and obliterated by industrialization.
The clothing has a refined texture made from the best fabrics ranging from satin, silk, cotton and slight polyester. All hand weaved, embroidered, painted and designed with detailed patterns to showcase the beauty of hippies.
Men's hippy fashion did not just showcase in their pants, hats, hoodies and dungarees. Over the years, shorts, tunics and shirts have also become a huge part of this fashion collection.

Men's hippy shorts
The hippie fashion emphasized on long and lean clothing but with evolvement over the years, the shorts also came to light. One thing that still remained was the wide nature of the shorts, to cater for all sizes and shapes.

The emphasized themes of fashion are pop art, some retro and punk that is showcased with the bright colours on the shorts, some bold prints and geometric designs some of which can be referred to as the tribal design.
These type of shorts are commonly worn in the spring and summer season due to the lightness of the material with most being of cotton textured and warmth. The elephant cotton woven shorts are a great addition to the wardrobe seeing that with the addition of fantastic colours on them, they can easily blend with may other colours and bring out good feels for you as you wear them.
You can also include the grungy denim shorts. They have a unique feel to them that screams hippy especially if they could be sort of ripped or torn, or cut from old jeans to ensure they have no hemline. Remember it should be nowhere close to being pristine.

Men's hippy tunics
The tunic is a garment that stretches from the shoulders to below the hip just close to the knees. When it comes to the hippy fashion culture, there's nothing that screams hippy like a classic tunic, especially the ones worn by men. Want to know why?

One fact about the hippy fashion is that it had not discriminative or biased forms of dressing. That's why it is common to find a Male dressed in a harem pant once that is dictated by history to have been a woman's style of dressing. 
But that is what makes this fashion style with it. You can dress in unisex attire and rock it. The men's hippy tunic is a great example of the unity of the sexes in fashion.
It comes with wide short sleeves, oversized space to fit anyone. It's also embroidered and handwoven with stunning finishes of buttons or lace all to fit your desired taste. Some still have rugged looks with torn hemlines and tribal design checked designs and patched up designs.

Men's hippy shirts
Another great wardrobe addition is the men's hippy shirt. Comes in various kinds like the tees, polo shirts, vest shirts also known as sleeveless, and the oversized crinkly grandad shirts. With the theme still as wide, the short can be embroidered and woven to fit into any hippy costume you wish.

The most common shirts are t-shirts. Their mainstream is the fantastic colours used all over the shirt painted and patterned like a tie and die design. The most crafty and designed form of shirts is the dashiki. 
They have a unique sense of style that could be mistaken for contemporary but it has its elements of being hippy. They match up well with any attire like tribal shorts, harem pants or any other bell bottoms. 

The hippy fashion is nothing short but incredible, it's the small piece of art that's meant to embrace the industry freedom and to welcome even more ideas to the mix. Since the 1970s, the hippy fashion has been the style to reckon with and especially when it comes to the men's hippy costumes on shorts, pants, tunics and shirts among others.



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