Yak and yeti clothing

Yak and Yeti clothing

A Yak is a big animal; can either be wild or domesticated, has large horns, humped shoulders and has long hair on its body. Yak fiber or wool is fiber gotten from yaks. These animals is mostly seen in the highlands of the Himalayan region of the subcontinent of India, Plateau of Tibetan, Russia and Mongolia, where temperatures can drop to as low as -34oc (which is very cold as we know). Yaks survive in this very harsh climate because of the thick wool that covers their bodies. This wool is what we refer to as Yak and is perfect for making cloths to keep you warm when you are feeling a little cold and also very suitable to keep you warm in very harsh weather conditions anywhere in the world. 

Types of clothing from Nepal

Nepal, like other countries is a home for people form diverse religious backgrounds, tribes, ethnic groups, culture etc. The climate in Nepal is very cold and this is responsible for the types of cloths seen in Nepal. Nepalese clothing; although has been influenced by neighboring countries, still maintains its unique identity. Nepalese clothing is more of garments which are specific to the many cultures and ethnic groups found in the country. 

The traditional Nepalese clothing is “Daura Suruwal” for men and “Guniu” for women. Daura Suruwal is clothing that is made up of a log tunic over pants. The tunic consist 5 pleats and 8 ties; these have significance to their religion. The pants have a loose fitting from the waist to a little above the knee which then moves on to be fitted from the knee down to the ankle. The outfit is not complete without a topi; this is a hat made of wool. In modern times; most especially in the city, the topi can be seen to be worn with western men’s wear.

The Guniu is clothing that has close resemblance to a sari. The Guniu is often draped round the waist of the women and is accompanied with a shawl like clothing worn above the waist. The shawl like clothing is worn separately with the Guniu. Guniu can either be woven from cotton or silk. “Haku patasi” is the style of draping Nepalese women use.

Sherpa dress is Nepalese clothing which is made up of a robe (knee-length) made from yak wool. It is for both men and women.

Yak clothing items gotten from Nepal are nice, durable, and soft and also have other awesome qualities. Yak &Yeti clothing is one of the online stores that make yak clothing from Nepal.

Types of clothes that can be made from yak wool

Several types of cloths for cold weather conditions can be made from yak wool; jackets, blankets, sweaters, hoodies, scarves, ponchos, shawls, vests, winter jackets, and other items of clothing that can keep you warm during the winter; even in harsh winter conditions. Yak clothing is clothing you should have; especially if you live in cold climate regions, the benefits of owning a yak clothing cannot be overemphasized. Knowing where yak is gotten from and how it is used as a survival means for the animal in such cold climate is a great incentive to having yarn clothing.

Yak clothing is made from yak wool and yak wool has so many benefits. Yak wool is odor free, flexible, hollow (yak wool can trap air), breathable, has a comfortable layer, keeps you warm, luxurious, light in weight, very soft (it is as soft as cashmere) and lasts long (it does not pile).

The process of getting wool from Yaks is a very long process because the herders have to wait for spring- molting season. A yak will produce 1-2 pounds of wool yearly. This is why it can take almost 24months to produce yak clothing items. Herders wait for the molting season, when the Yak wool is gotten from the animal by combing their skin, the wool is then hand collected. The wool collected is then processed into roving and clouds and yarn is spun out of it. Yak fleece is naturally black in color or dark brown.

If Yaks can survive in one of the harshest conditions in the world with wool on their skin insulating and keeping them; it goes to show the quality of yak clothing and how it definitely can keep us humans warm. Yak clothing from Nepal is fast becoming a trend due to the number of positive qualities it has and the awesome benefits you can get from owning yak clothing.



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