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Harem pants or trousers are long baggy medium-sized pants caught in at the ankle anciently known as harem skirts. The known by young people as stylish Fashion got introduced to the Western part of the world by Fashion designers like Paul Poi ret (French fashion designer) in the year 1910 not for social or practical reasons but for Fashion, although he got inspired by Middle East styles. Harem pants are generally referred to as baggy trousers. They are also known as Genie Pants, Elephant Pants, Parachute Pants, Aladdin Pants, Bloomers, Thai Pants and Pantaloons in the West.Chinghai Thai harem pants make the best most comfortable harem pants perfect for yoga, dance, Pilates and meditation in the world at an assorted set. Like Thai harem pants wholesale, a set of 5 plus size tie- dye leggings at $55.00. Measurement:waist28-46, Hip up to 56, In-seam 31 and Length 36'', an assorted set of women super soft tie-dye leggings multi at $45.00, harem pants plus size tie- dye leggings at $55.00 and harem pants for 10 men with ankle straps at $120.00.

Harem pants plus size are also available mostly in waist size 36-42, relaxed and loose fitting for plus sized ladies and for yoga. They are found in various places like India and Thailand at affordable prizes.Hippie harem pants are perfect for Pilates and yoga. They come in various styles like Classic and Peacock. They are mostly unisex. Bohemian harem pants come in many designs comfortable for travel, yoga, and lounging. They come in different styles like Elephant harem pants, Peacock harem pants, and Classic.Harem pants wholesale suppliers can be found in China. Harem pants bulk wholesale lots can be purchased at HaremPants.com where the stock is available for wholesale. One can buy or order bulk wholesale lots of Thai Harem pants with a minimum order of $250.00. All orders are shipped globally via DHL Express.


Harem pants are comfortable though not common in the Western part of the world. In African, the Middle East and Asian continents harem pants are worn almost daily by men and women as they are very comfortable for running the day to day activities, other than modesty for women. Harem pants whether in Thai pant style or normal gathered harem pants are associated with a hippy cultured. They are also available for women, men, and kids. They are not revealing when worn by women hence a form of decency. Harem pants actually bring out the best features in women. They hide out the belly what always denies women confidence. High -wasted harem pants also bring out an hour-glass figure in women making one look appealing. They are the only fashion that can be comfortably worn throughout the year whether in summer, winter or spring. They are easily styled too. It won't take you a decade in front of the mirror. The greatest part of them is that harem pants can be worn by anybody. Whether you are slim and tall, short and fat or hour-glassy, harem pants will always look amazing on you as long as you pair with a nice shirt.


Harem pants are made stylish mostly when worn with a short or pleated skirt that can cover the top baggy part of the pant, mostly by belly dancers. Tuck in your t-shirts or shirt. This will enhance you with modern and casual looks. Match the pant with a flowery shirt or blouse or a peasant style top tucked in neatly. Choose a shirt that is not too big. Let it be a little fitting because the trousers are big. A big shirt will make you look big like all over and awkward. A small top will always balance with a wide bottom while a wide top balances a slimmer bottom. Rocking harem pants this way will give you that bold and colorful look. A buttoned shirt in neutral colors and solid print will also go well with the pants. In this case, a stripped or leopard print pant will do better. Also, a fitting button shirt with even a tie or bow- tie tucked in nicely in the Pant will not only make you decent and dressed down but also modern. A simple clutch and mild accessory will also enhance the looks.

Pair your pants with a pair of heel. This will make you look dressed up and elevate your looks. Don't forget some pair of jewelry, earrings, feathers, and clutches. Don't go overboard with this unless you want that crazy look. A pair of vests will also do well. Giving you that fun and casual look. Crop tops with harem pants also go together like cream and coffee. They bring out that casual but sexy, young and beautiful look. For going to the beach, harem pants also give that amazing look. Put them on with a simple bikini top and use a kimono as a cover-up. Accessories can also be added if you are going out for lunch afterward.

A sports bra, a yoga bracelet, and a yoga bag also bring out the best for harem pants when going for a yoga class since they are free to move in. Cotton harem pants are preferred for yoga since they are sweat-absorbent hence comfortable.


Tie-dye harem pants

They are the most comfortable. They have a wide waist that stretches two big side pockets and a soft cotton material that is cuffed at the ankle. They are each made in a unique way. Making one forever 21. They look more stylish worn at the low waist to bring out the hippie harem pant look. They are to be made with 95% organic cotton and 5%spandex. 

Pleated harem

This one has a huge fabric in the front part which is well pleated. Elastic is placed in the legs and waist. Its length is slightly below the knee and not the ankle as normal. The front part looks like a pleated skirt making it the unique harem. It comes in soft linen for comfortability and can be worn in both formal and casual occasion styled properly.

Translucent harem.

This one the basic part of it is tight under pant, a transparent fabric which makes the harem design on it. It's really stylish and fashionable good for a party. It's made of one color without any form of designs.

Cloth knot harem

This is more of an East Asian traditional Salwar. It has a wide space between the legs, a waistcloth knot, and an ankle design. A knot can be tied at the waist to make it stylish and enhance your fashion design.

Printed Arabic harem.

These are mostly worn on formal occasions since they come in a variety of prints and shades. The silk fabric used to make them does not allow for too many pleats. The waistline has some allowance for any form of decorations such as beads and belt.

Parachute pants

These are harem pants for men characterized by the use of ripstop nylon. They are similar to a parachute. Teenage boys are the main wearers of parachute pants. They were originally slim fitting but gradually they were improved to baggy but stylish pants.

High- cut harem pants

They are mostly unisex. They have a small waist and a wide bottom up to the ankle which is tied. They are made mostly of cotton with different patterns and can be worn at the low waist to bring out the low- cut harem pant.



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