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Supplement your conventional or present day gathering with wholesale Nepalese roll on beaded bracelets and gems that rethinks style. We offer you the most excellent and imaginative bits of wholesale Nepalese silver jewelries gems including bangles, sleeves and wrist trinkets on our web based shopping website. You can browse a lot of outlines and hues accessible for each event.

Aside from conventional bangle outlines, our online store additionally highlights contemporary nepali silver gems in a combination of bracelets and cuffs. From thin silver bangles and silver plated bangles to upscale nepali styled beaded wrist bracelets, you will discover a wide range of accomplices to coordinate your Indian or western wear. Look at the rich planner bangles created in white rhodium, silver and gold tones, and adorned with pearls, sparkling stones, gems and shells.

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We have a noteworthy scope of flexible discount nepali roll on beaded wrist bangles for both men and ladies. The wrist trinkets for men are imbued with manly components, for example, pearls and metals complemented with studs, dabs and stones. Nepali roll on beaded bracelets for ladies accompany sensitive ladylike components like pearls and texture. Multi-strand wrist trinkets are one of the smash hits in this range. You can likewise browse our variety of unisex Nepalese gems, arm ornaments and sleeves.

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Nepali produces quality bracelets for the market around the globe. The Nepali’s rollover bracelet is stretchable, featherweight and also inexpensive. The bracelets are designed with full circumference and contain small glass beads which ensure that it shines when exposed to light. They can also be manufactured from different metals which hold high aesthetic values like silver. Women of all ages can wear Nepali's roll on the bracelet. There are various types of Nepali roll on bracelets that a buyer can choose.


In the online Nepali beaded bracelet market, there are various Nepali beaded bracelets wholesale stores showing different casing types of the beads. They are made from different elements that make them unique and marketable in the world.

Nepali Zinc beaded bracelets.

In the Nepali beaded bracelets wholesale market, some of the bracelets are made from zinc alloys. The companies that make the bracelets mix zinc with a different metal that forms the zinc alloy metal. Zinc alloy is light and shiny and looks classic when polished. The beads are then supplied to weavers who design the bracelets.

Copper beaded bracelets.

These bracelets beads are usually weaved using copper beads. Due to the appealing brown color of copper, beads are manufactured then polished to make the bracelets. The metal is also light and would weigh less on the hand of the user. In other cases, the copper is mixed with other metals to create an alloy that would be used to make the beads for the jewelry.

Tibetan silver.

Tibetan silver is a superior type of silver used to manufacture jewelry. It contains around 90% of silver with 10% being other metals. It is usually light and very shiny when light shines on it. It is used to make jewelry due to its bright nature. All these types of bracelets can be found online in the e-stores.

Nepal roll on bracelets.

Different stores offer Nepal roll on bracelets on wholesale. Women in Nepal usually design this kind of roll-on bracelets by weaving. They are comfortable to put on and can be worn by women of all ages. They can be made from different colorful beads that make them look appealing.

Glass beaded bracelets.

Glass beaded bracelets from Nepal are woven from beautiful glass beads that have different colors. The glass material is shiny when polished and is hardy hence can last for long. In most cases, the glass is recycled then glazed with a matte finish to make it look appealing. The glass beads are woven well on a plastic cord to hold them together.


The Nepal roll on bracelets wholesalers, glass beaded bracelets from Nepal and Nepal beaded bracelet wholesalers are promoting the different uses of these bracelets. They were used in different traditional set us where women were required to wear the bracelets.

Women used Nepal bracelets as a tool for communication. Women would wear the bracelets to communicate their inner feelings. They would wear bright colors which would symbolize inner joy and happiness. At times they could wear dull colors when in somber moods to communicate the different massages through the use of their beads. All these colors can be found on online stores offering Nepal bracelets on wholesale.

The different materials used to manufacture the bracelets could be used to portray class. Some elements like Tibetan silver would be preferred by the wealthy since it would show their high social status in the society. Low-class member would go for the cheap and low-quality material that they can manage to afford. The buyers have a wide range of elements of the ornament which they can acquire online at different prices.

Nepalese have a solid cultural background. Women would wear an ornament as part of artistic practice. It was considered holy to wear ornaments of different colors at different moments. These ornaments were used as a symbol of worship since Buddhist's reign in the region. In the ancient ages of Buddhists, they believed that symbols would be used as a symbol of being a Buddha. Women would don ornaments on top of their clothes as a symbol of Buddha. The different colors worn by the women would have different symbols. An example is when a woman wears a Nepal glass bead, turquoise in color, it is interpreted as a sign of protection for the wearer when they are traveling.

Nepal glass beaded bracelets would be used as a gift. A woman would receive it as a gift from their loved one during their wedding day. It is usually a sign of love and union. The glass beads would be mostly red which is perceived as the sign of unity in the culture. If the woman is a widow, she is required by her religion to put off the jewelry as a sign that she is no longer in any union.

Nepalese use their Bracelets to symbolize different occasions. On happy occasions like weeding’s, they usually wear bright colors like red which means joy. The women would put on red Nepal bracelets to symbolize the event. In cases of sad occasions like burial, the color of ornaments should change to white to express somber moods. In the country color is a handy and vital tool of communication.

Women would visit the Nepal beaded wholesale stores to use them for decorative purposes. It is a new trend in the world’s market which has seen the demand for the bracelets go higher than it was ten years back. Women use different vibrant colors to boost their general appearance where its no longer a cultural practice to wear these beads but for decoration purposes. In the Nepalese culture, these beads are also used for decorative purposes and are the most predominant trait that is being preferred across the world.

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The various values of these ornaments and the prestigious value they hold that makes them beloved in the world. Their demand is high, and they promise to offer the best value for money because of the aesthetic nature. The ornaments are very cheap and handmade promising customers durability of the garments. Nepal bracelet wholesalers make the bracelets to be easily acquired by users in different locations across the world where all types of bracelets are marketed.



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