Aladdin Pants

Color: Assorted/MixedFabric: Cotton Length: 36.6" (93cm) Waist circumference: Stretchability: 38.18" (97cm) Without Stretch: 29.5" (74.93cm) Pack Size Ratio : Free Sizes Unit Weight : 10.58oz (300 grams)

Color: Assorted/ MixedFabric: Cotton Length: 36" (91.4cm) Waist circumference: Stretchability: 38.18" (97cm) Without Stretch: 29.5" (74.93cm)Pack size ratio: Free Sizes Unit Weight : 10.58 oz (300 grams)
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Aladdin pants, hippie pants, boho trousers - whatever name you know them by, they are a popular choice in the younger market and are quickly growing in demand. At Kathmandu Clothing, we sell a variety of these stylish and comfortable pants for discounted prices to suppliers from around the world. They are made of natural materials like cotton and wool and are a popular choice for the more sustainable and conscientious dresser.

Why Are Aladdin Pants a Popular Option?

Despite seeing a recent increase in popularity within Western markets, harem pants have been on the scene since the 16th century. They didn’t really explode until the hippie movement of the 60s, and since then they’ve dropped off and resurfaced as a popular fashion choice once again.

Their affordability is one reason why Aladdin pants are so popular, they are comfortable and work well to hide areas of the body we may not want on display. They provide coverage in the summer without sacrificing the cooling breezy feel of bare skin.

These boho Aladdin pants allow artists and free spirits to express their creativity and individuality thanks to their out-of-the-ordinary appearance and extensive range of patterns and styles. 

How Should Harem Pants Be Styled?

One reason customers may be shy when it comes to purchasing bohemian Aladdin pants is that they can be intimidating to style. They are such a bold piece of clothing, how does one create an outfit around them?

Not only are Aladdin pants comfortable in any season, but they are versatile and easy to create an outfit around if you know the basics. 

Typically, these hippie pants are easiest for taller men and women to wear. That being said, they can look great on shorter people as well. Due to the way they drape, if you are unable to find a pair short enough to flatter your stature, wearing a pair of chunky heels could work wonders for styling these kinds of pants.

In the summertime, these kinds of pants can be paired with bright crop tops or even long and flowing singlets to provide a head-to-toe boho look. In the colder months, there are options that include ponchos, fitted long sleeve tops, and scarves to tie the look together without sacrificing warmth. 

No matter the season, these harem pants suit chunky and colorful jewelry that express individuality as boldly as the pants do. If you’re going for a more evening appearance, less may be more, and you can let the pants be the star of the show. Going out during the day typically allows for more freedom when it comes to bold jewelry and shoes - there’s nothing wrong with piling on the color to brighten up the day.

Men and women of all sizes can pull off Aladdin pants. With the stretchy material and design, they flatter a wide range of body types and are perfect for when you want a mix of modesty and fun.

Discover our range of Aladdin Pants at wholesale prices

When you say Aladdin pants, most people will know what you mean, but there are various categories of these boho pants available for wholesale purchase. Understand the unique and small differences between these various styles so you can place a well-informed order and get exactly what you’re looking for. 

1) Classic Aladdin Pants
Our Aladdin pants come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit all personal preferences and styles. The classic Aladdin pant style includes two tight bands that fit around the ankles, a thick waistband, and a dropped crotch. Our Aladdin pants come with a stretchy waist meaning they can fit different sized people and are made with various natural fabrics like cotton and wool.

2) Drop Crotch Pants
Drop crotch pants are similar to Aladdin pants in that they come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are made with natural materials. But they are a shorter pant and are a more popular unisex option on our Kathmandu Clothing website.

3) Harem Pants
Our harem pants come with a less thick waistband than the classic Aladdin pants and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They’re made of various natural fabrics and are a perfect casual choice for both men and women looking to express themselves in a creative way.

4) Nepali cotton Trousers
Our trousers are more of a hippie formal style, and consist of a slimmer leg and overall silhouette. If you like the overall look of the trousers but prefer a more billowed look, you can order the Hippie Wide Leg Trousers in order to achieve this style. When paired with the right shirt and shoes, this can be a more stylish silhouette in terms of modern fashion.

5) Skirt Pant Combo
The skirt pant combo gives the appearance of a billowing and hippie-style skirt but is actually a pair of pants. The way the fabric drapes gives the impression that it’s a maxi skirt but allows for the comfort and modesty of a pair of pants.

When You Order
Our range of Aladdin pants is available and suited to both men and women. When you place a wholesale order with us, we offer discounted prices that are incomparable to other suppliers when you consider the quality, range, and sustainability of the goods and clothing that we have on offer.

We provide free shipping worldwide and do whatever we can to establish a positive and lasting relationship with everyone who places an order with us.

Aladdin Pants: The perfect fun, summery, and free-spirited addition to any wardrobe

Shop now for alaadin pants, harem pants and accessories from the largest online wholesale supplier of Hippie clothing and products. We offer you different kinds of hippie Aladdin pants, boho pants and other kinds of hippie style pants in very cheap prices. We also offer you free shipping worldwide. So go through now from our wide range of hippie boho style clothing and choose your product.

Kathmandu Clothing: Wholesale Clothing Suppliers from Nepal

Kathmandu Clothing is dedicated to creating and selling natural clothing options to a market that values quality, affordability, and sustainability. We are an easy and professional wholesale team to work with who provides fair and discounted wholesale prices to our loyal clients. Choose from our extensive range of colorful, Made in Nepal pants that proudly boast a hippie and bohemian vibe, perfect for the optimists among us. Our Aladdin pants come in varying materials and levels of heaviness, making them ideal for any climate or season. When you order through Kathmandu Clothing, we will mail your order right to your door within four to five business days.



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