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Made in Nepal Clothing!

The world is full of different types of fashion and designs. Many people around the world invest in fashion as a business whereas some follow fashion for their own benefits. There are certain countries that are known for their production of the best types of designs. One of those countries leading in the production of amazing fashion material is Nepal. Clothing made in Nepal is widely spread in the market for their elegance in design. They have leading manufacturers in their country and the best artists to design the best clothing items. A part from clothing Nepal is also involved with the production of other good products. They are diverse in their culture geography and there stunning diversity. They have also invested in noodles, herbs, hats and other materials that help them in the branding of their products internationally.

Types of products made in Nepal

Far trade Nepalese Clothing brands 
Clothing made in Nepal are of fine texture and just beautiful to the eyes of the clients. Cotton is the main product that is used in the manufacturing of clothes. Cotton is an example of a fine form of material that can be improvised to manufacture any type of clothing. Jumpers, socks, shirts, dresses and other clothing materials are all made from cotton and other materials such as viscose. Viscose is used in the production of light clothing because of its lighter weight compared to those made of cotton. Clothing made in Nepal are often the leading exports in the country. This shows the countries dependence on the clothing industry. The industry in turn gives back positive results yielding a lot of profits and revenues for the country.

This ready made clothing sector has made Nepal rich according to the amount of foreign exchange they receive. This sector contributes to the highest amount received from foreign exchange. This shows how heavily they have invested in this area and the level of production is also high. The fact that they look into traditional garments is a very good thing because it brings them a lot of clients who maybe models looking to rock certain wears. The fashion styles are also up to date with the latest design available for the international markets. They mainly rely on jackets, jumpers, suits, shirts and blouses. The demand from the market available for them internationally allows them to produce widely throughout the year. They never disappoint and you can expect the best clothing materials you wish for.

Both genders are taken care of appropriately with clothes for both men and women. The Nepalese market brings a lot of taste for fashion. It is somehow difficult at times for the buyers because the market offers quite a variety of items that are easily attractive to the eyes. Young ones and babies are also taken care of. Clothing made in Nepal is of good quality and measurements for your kids and yet to be born kids. They have the smallest size available. As stated earlier the Nepali clothing products are beautiful because of the weight they have in their economy. 

Organic Nepali clothing
Different government bodies around the world have all fought so hard in the quest of educating their people on the benefits of the organic materials as a whole. In this case the Nepalese people and their government embraced the idea of organic clothing and are among the leading people in the world to produce the organic clothing. 
The products made in Nepali are of high quality depending on the design employed in their manufacturing. This organic clothing is actually environment friendly. The organic clothing is gender considerate as well as being pocket friendly. Clients should therefore try out the organic clothing for their own good and the good of the environment as a whole. 

Hemp-Jute products
Jute is considered one of the softest materials available in the market. It is made from soft and shiny vegetable fibers that are in turn rolled together to form strong strands of threads. On the other hand hemp is a stronger material due to its texture and therefore far more durable than cotton and other materials. Hemp clothes are therefore considered stronger, long lasting and maintain their state of beauty for a longer period of time. Due to their tenacity the hemp products are warm and comfortable.

Other jute product a part from clothing is also very friendly to the environment and actually saves on money. There are jute products that are reusable. Shopping bags made of Jute are reusable; this means that they can be used over a period of time for different purposes. Hemp and jute are also considered stronger than plastic bags and therefore they don’t break easily compared to the plastic bags. 
Their ability to be biodegradable is also a good factor in that they decompose into fine particles of organic matter and therefore ensures that the environment is clean. Clients should ensure that they develop interest into these products due to their highly organic friendly materials. Clothing made in Nepali and shopping bags made of organic material are your best friend when it comes to taking proper care of the environment.

Pashmina clothing
They generally call them Pashmina. These are the products that are formed form inner side of the goats’ hair. The products too are of high quality proving to be among the leading exports in the country. As stated earlier any type of clothing made in Nepal is hard to resist be it leather made or made from this Pashmina products. Some of the items made from it are shawls, scarves and towels. All items made from this product have several things in common; softness, warmth, lightness and they are very durable. 

If you are looking for made in Nepal Clothing and products such as hippie clothes, jewelry, bags, backpacks, beads, blankets, bracelets, and other items or any made in Nepal product from manufacturers for a private label, a clothing store, a clothing line or for wholesale or for festival stall holders. then be sure to check out our the huge stylish collection of clothes style and products that is available in several colors, sizes, and patterns from Nepal domestic manufacturer.  We are one of the country’s largest supplier, manufacturer, distributor  and exporter of made in Nepal Clothing and products which are totally made in Nepal. We run an online store through which we sell and export our products.  Kathmandu Clothing manufactures in the Nepal. and we guarantee that our garments and products are “Fair traded” and we follow “No Child Labour” policy since from the foundation of this company.

In general clothing made in Nepal proves to be of very good quality. Judging by the specifications above it is true to say that clothing owns a big part of their economy. For their economy to be stable enough then the workers must ensure that they continue producing the best items. They do this by ensuring that their clients are up to date with their designs which are both traditional and modern.




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