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2014-04-22 13:04:21

To understanding bohemian style clothing, one need to understand the term “bohemian” itself, that is even before we can understand that form of clothing style. Here comes along something that will tickle you conscious whether the clothes that...

2014-01-05 14:58:51

Getting to the pinnacles of success of being the best online hippie stores of 2013 long surpassing its local competitors in the by-gone years is a matter of pride for Kathmandu Clothing, the largest online wholesale distributors for ethnic,...

2013-10-04 12:20:38

Kathmandu Clothing the largest wholesale supplier of ethnic, hippie and bohemian style clothing would like to make you knowledgeable of what cashmere garments are all about. To know more about cashmere garments, one should first get an...

2013-08-29 15:28:40

The world has gone digital and so has Kathmandu Clothing, the largest Wholesale Nepali clothing suppliers  from Nepal to the rest of the world. It has the privilege, to expedited access to those, whom we have built up trust over the years, to...

2013-08-14 12:03:43

Evolution is happening with Kathmandu clothing . The trends are changing, just as everything is changing around the city. The youths are making this happening. Fashion is taking hold of everyone in the city so much so, that those who might have...

2013-07-31 11:47:11

Tentatively, Nepal is more of a consumer society rather than a producing one. This stems from the fact, that the contemporary generation are lured by the what they see and feel more comfortable in. They want to be in the in-generation - not out...

2013-03-15 12:38:58

Nepali Hippie Clothing For Women Clothing is a part of everyday life for women. Not only does it beautify the body of a woman but also defines what a woman is.  Choosing clothes that are appealing and attracting will say how much the...

2013-02-01 12:39:51

Evening hippie dress for women . When you hear about evening dress, you probably think long and flowy fabrics, classic silhouettes, and intricate beading. While these are correct, it’s not entirely just these things. Formal...

2012-12-13 13:39:51

Top 10 hippie clothing websites of 2013 offering Super Sale.   Finally we are in the last month of this year and its shopping time for Christmas and New Year. Everybody is hustling and  for shopping and I guess most of the people are...

2012-12-09 12:41:18

If you think patchwork clothes are only used in table clothes, you better have a loot at thepatchwork clothing collection of popular designers like Bernard Willhelm, LuFlux, GiorgioSant'Angelo and Pucci. Peep into the Victoria and Albert Museum...


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