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Boho chic style wholesale clothing

Boho chic style wholesale clothing

The term Boho is a short form for Bohemain. The word ‘Bohemian’ is believed to be first appeared in the English language in the nineteenth century to describe the people different than the people living in the society who were mostly artists, writers, and intellectuals. They used to dress up differently, live a different life free from the values and culture of the society.  Nowadays, bohemian fashion is most commonly reflected by the term ‘Boho chic’. The 21st century Boho chic fashion is inspired by the general idea that has been passed on for centuries with free style of clothing that comes at a cheap price, but with added elements of sustainability, eco friendly, spiritual, and modern fashion. The garments are trendy, stylish, and comfortable yet affordable. The earthy tones, loose, comfortable  and flowing fabrics, dangly earrings, baggy trousers, unusual colour combinations, broad-brimmed hats, paisley prints, flowered garments are the expression of freedom of today’s generation and has allowed people of this century to step out of the crowd.

bohemian chic clothing

bohemian chic clothing


Kathmandu Clothing offers chic boho clothes and accessories that are trendy and fashionable, as stylish as designer outfits but at a cheap and a reasonable price.  Kathmandu Clothing is a wholesale supplier of Boho clothes that are manufactured in Nepal. If you are a small retail store, or if you own your own brand of boho clothes than you have landed on right place. We will provide you trendy, quality, unique mostly handmade boho chic clothing and accessory at wholesale rate. All our boho chic clothing and accessories are handmade utilizing local recourses and manpower in Nepal. We not just manufacture our products but we are also wholesale supplier so purchasing from us means saving lots of money as you are buying directly with the manufacturer. If you have your own clothing business, clothing brand or label or clothing store, you can contact us for wholesale pricing or any other information. You may order any of our stock items of boho items. You can provide us with your idea for your design like your sketch, illustrations with specification and measurement details and we will manufacture your drawing into reality. If you want a specific quality, design change or a particular color of the garments that we already have in our collection then we can also produce it according to your specification. Our loyal services, FREE on-time shipment and quality products at affordable price have attracted buyers from all over the world.

hippie Bohemian Style Clothing Blog| KathmanduClothing.com

Best Bohemian clothing stores of 2016 offering super sale

Everyone loves to be fashionable. But being fashionable, trendy and stylish costs you bundle of money.  But for those who love Hippie and Bohemian Style clothing brands there are lot of options and stores to rely on. They can choose from a wide variety  and still  can enjoy the shopping with low affordable  prices.  And yes everyone one adores if fashion comes at cheap price.

The 21st century Boho chic clothing is inspired by the general idea that has been passed on for centuries with free style of clothing that comes at a cheap price, but with added elements of sustainability, eco friendly, spiritual, and modern fashion. The garments are trendy, stylish, and comfortable yet affordable.


bohemian chic clothing

bohemian chic clothing













The best way to get most benefits while buying cheap bohemian style clothing is purchasing from discount offers, seasonal sales, stock clearance sale and festive sales. You do not have to worry about browsing through every site to check if they are offering discounts or not, as I have listed below  the best bohemian online clothing stores offering best price, discounts and super sales. (The list is in no particular order)


  1. Kathmandu clothing

Kathmandu clothing is an online wholesale bohemian clothing store from Nepal established 20 years ago by Stephen Forster. We have wide collection of Bohemian chic clothing and accessories for both men and women. All their bohemian products are handmade in Nepal. They have a section for ‘on sale’ items. Shop now before the stock ends for your favorite bohemian piece.




  1. Gypsy outfitters

Gypsy outfitters is one of the best online boho clothing store offering updated and latest bohemian and gypsy inspired clothing and accessories at affordable prices and outstanding quality. Their chunky jewlery collection is to look out for. And they even have columns for clearance sale and Buy one get on free.




  1. Rose gal

Rose Gal was formed by a group of friends. They have a wonderful fusion collection of vintage and modern bohemian clothing and accessories. Their boho clothing style reflects contemporary designs inspired from the vintage styles that are unique, effortlessly embodying and captures the essence of classic fashion.  Browse through their vintage inspired bohemian products as they are offering up to 50% sale.


  1. Free people

Free people is an e-store for women clothing offering vintage and bohemian inspired apparels and accessories. Their products are trendy, creative and of good quality. They have a section offering sales on tops, shoes, accessories and many more. So grab it before your favourite piece goes out of stock.


  1. Planet blue

Their business was started by designer Ling-Su Chinn 20 years back as a small boho organic clothing store. Their Boho-chic clothes are inspired by the sunny Southern California roots. They have offered sale on every category. On tops and dresses they have offered up to 7 5% off. So grab the opportunity before it’s too late.


  1. Threadsence

ThreadSence is an online boho clothing store for Bohemian, indie style lovers. For some reasons they are closing their stores. So they are offering up to 50 to 90% sale on their every product. No one can miss out this opportunity.


  1. Boohoo

Boohoo is one of the leading online bohemian clothing store offering bohemian styles for both men and women. Their wide range of collection includes bohemian inspired dress, tops, accessories, swim wears, Knit wear and many more. Browse through their Clearance category I’m sure you will find something great for yourself at reasonable price.


  1. Three bird nest

Three bird nest was a soul business venture established in 2011 in California. They specialize in costume made bohemian-inspired headbands and accessories. They have some amazing Bohemian tops and bags on their sale category. Hurry up before the stock lasts.


  1. Zaful

Zaful is a women’s online shop offering affordable hippie and bohemian clothing, accessories and swim wears that redefines trends. Their collections are unique and have the ethnic vibe. They are offering mid seasonal sale on beautiful printed gowns and dresses.



  1. Tree of life

Their first store was opened in early 90’s in Sydney. The basic idea of their clothing is free style of clothing for every age group, size and every religion.  Their collection is inspired from art work and textiles from around the world. They are offering sale on cool hippie accessories.


hippie Bohemian Style Clothing Blog| KathmanduClothing.com


Online shopping from Nepal, especially of clothing, is beneficial to all those shoppers and the stylish people because Nepal produces clothes, that are stylish and that are colorful through their skilled men power, handlooms as well as machines. Whether it is woolen clothing or hemp, each is different in terms of colors and fabric, and each reflects the color of Nepal. Because of these, they are famous in countries, such as, the UK, the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, India, Belgium and Spain. According to the statistics, the exports of Nepalese clothing to these countries are below the desired results, yet they do not stop importing Nepalese clothing time to time, such as, cotton, hemp, silk and woolen. So, if you are thinking of buying Nepalese clothing then you should check the following tips for better shopping experience, which are ten in number.

    2. Go for reasonable price – First of all, you should definitely look for the reasonable price, meaning, you should compare the various online prices, provided by different shops. Choose the price that suits your pocket. If two online shops sell the same product, for example, a woolen hat, then you must read its product reviews in the website, as well as, you should ask about its detail information to the company. This information helps you to make a right decision. For example, some woolen hats have fleece linings and some do not. The woolen hats without fleece lining is itchy.


    1. Look for online deals that meet your requirements– Look for a most beneficial deal, in terms of, price, quality, and reliability. These are the bottom lines; they help you to get the right clothing that you have been looking online. Ask all the questions that you have in your mind.


    1. Shop Wholesale.  Many wholesalers want their customers to become the sellers of their clothing as well, but not all wholesalers think in this way. A good wholesaler wants his or her customers to buy clothing in a large quantity at one time. Even a wholesaler purchases large quantities of clothing at the wholesale price and sells the clothing to his or her customers.


    1. Don’t rely on Search Engines rankings too much– Well this one looks irrelevant, but this is true. Every time, when you search things by typing words like wholesale clothes from Nepal, Nepalese clothing or cheap clothes from Nepal in search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing,  then they will show you a list of top ten websites in the first pages of their results. What I mean is their results are not correct every time. You may ask how because, sometimes, they bring up some bad and unwanted websites through SEO<search engine optimization > which is very hard to detect for those robots; therefore, they show the wrong results. So you should check up to 2-3 pages of those search engines, and if you want to visit the website directly, then you must check its quality, relevance and reliability, as well as, you must also compare it with other websites.


    1. Quality matters – What matters, above all, is quality. If you are a beginner retail wholesaler and if you go for quantity instead of choosing quality then you might make profit in the beginning, but in the long run you will lose your customers. You know first impression is the lasting impression.


    1. Trust and Reliability –These are the main things that every shopper should be aware while shopping online because the search engine cannot make a difference between the good websites and bad ones. Visit the clothing websites that have been providing services to the people, especially living in your country or abroad.


    1. Free Shipping Cost- Do online shopping from a shop that will impose no hidden costs. Let’s say, the price of a cotton jacket is $20, but you are asked to pay $ 30 at the end. You realized that you are paying extra $10 for the shipping cost. Kathmandu Clothing provides free shipping service. No additional charges. No hidden costs.
    2. Delivery Time- It usually takes 2-3 days to deliver your clothing order. Within these days if you did not hear or receive anything from the company, immediately contact the company’s manager.


    1. Look up for secure payment system: After you confirm your order, you have to make an online payment.  Nepalese online shopping has adapted the system that will make the money reach to the intended person. So always check for trusted checkout or payment system.


    1. Customer Support – Customer Support is one of the essential things that a company should provide. Without customer support service, customer can be misguided and have a bad online shopping experience. That’s why every shopper should check in the website whether there is customer support service or not.


Well, the above tips will help every online clothes shopper. They can have a great shopping online experience from Nepal

hippie Bohemian Style Clothing Blog| KathmanduClothing.com

Nepali textile

 Nepali Garments

Raw materials for textiles are abundant in Nepal, and with the contrasting climates and altitudes there has been a wealth of materials which for centuries have been extracted, spun, twisted and woven into a multitude of textiles. Animals and plants are the sources, and from animals they include sheep’s wool, yak hair, cashmere-like hair from goats, and more recently silk from the Bombyx moth larva. Fibers from plants are the seed fibers from cotton, the stem fibers from nettle, jute, hemp and bamboo, and leaf fibers from the sisal family. 

All of these textile processes can be observed throughout Nepal, in a true traditional sense in the hills and mountains, and in a more commercial sense in the cities and the Terai. Other fibers such as bamboo and sisal are also utilized in the production of household goods and clothing. And the dyeing an integral part of the process still uses Indigo, Barberry, Walnut, Sorrel and Rhubarb.

Yak hair is made into shelters, ropes and clothing, yak skin for shoes, saddle bags and straps.

Sheep’s wool was made into rainproof Nepalese woolen blankets that were used for trading items 2,000 years ago; and now woven clothing, blankets and rugs are still in use in the mountain areas. The most common sheep is the BaruwaL a hardy sheep which produces a short fleece with little crimp, springy, strong and easy to spin, with the sheep shorn twice a year. The most attractive Sherpa woolen front apron is woven from sheep’s wool, hand spun and colored with multi colored natural dyes.

Cashmere, Pashmina — although cash- mere shawls became famous from shawls woven in Kashmir the fiber came from goats from Tibet and Central Asia. ln Nepal the shawls woven from cashmere hair are referred to as pashmina shawls, pashm being the Persian word for ‘wool’. And here in Nepal, too, the wool comes from Tibet and China, although in Dolpo and Mustang there are Pashmina goat cross breeds producing milk and a coarser fiber. The pashmina shawls are in demand in Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, etc, and often the tassels are beaded, and lately even small Rajasthani style mirrors are sewn into the shawls.

Silk-There are two main types of silk fiber in Nepal – the high quality silk from mulberry in the hills, and eri silk from castor mainly from the Terai in the southern plains. This silk is also used in the pashmina and silk combined shawls.

Himalayan Giant Nettles (Urtica heterophylla) – Allo — are woven into nettle cloth, whereas before it was used for ropes, sacks, mats, cast nets and rough clothing, now it is woven for curtains, and blinds, and has a ‘designer’ potential (weaving with nettle fibers was known since the early Bronze Age, as a fragment of cloth found in Denmark has revealed). Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)
Hemp has three main products, a white best fiber from the stem; oil from the seeds; and the ubiquitous narcotic.

Jute — Jute goods and raw jute are important export items for Nepal to India and Bangladesh. Within Nepal the jute is sold to the mills in the Terai where it is machine spun and made into sack cloth and rope.

Cotton — A very special cotton thread, the sacred thread worn by high caste Hindus over the left shoulder and tied under the right arm, is spun and plied six-fold. Once a year, at ]anai Purne during the full moon in August, the thread is re- placed by a new one by the family priests.

Textiles in Nepal are woven, knitted, crocheted, plaited or braided. The most remarkable and visible cotton textile are the intricately patterned, colorful cotton panels used for caps for men, and blouses and shawls for women, called Dhaka- cloth. The traditional colors were black, white red, and orange, but now the colors used range through the rainbow and produce beautiful effects. The name is a little confusing, and has a few explanations as to the origin of the name, and one is that as the cloth and thread came to Nepal from or through Dhaka, Bangladesh, that it was given the name Dhaka cloth. Then it was also thought that maybe Hindu weavers, fleeing from Dhaka at the time of the Muslim invasion, settled in or near Nepal and influenced Nepalese weavers. A lovely cotton, with a very free design, very much up to the individual weaver, with no two pieces the same, unless mass produced to order. The Lirnbus and Rais of the mid-mountains are famous for their Dhaka cloth.  Block printing on cotton, with two layers of muslin, one on each side, are produced as bed covers, doona covers, and shawls, using quite traditional red, black and orange colors. The doonas themselves are filled with cotton, and each year the cotton men call at the house, undo the doona, beat and fluff the cotton and fill up the doona again.

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Daura Suruwal has been national dress of Nepal from many years. It is also known as “Labeda Suruwal”.  The dress has been worn by Nepali men from centuries. The coat was added to it on top by Jang Bahadur Rana, Prime minister of Nepal in 19thCentury.  Daura is the upper wear and Suruwal is the trouser.

Daura Suruwal has several religious beliefs identifying its designs and remained the same for centuries. The Daura (the top) has eight strings denoted as Astamatrika-Singini as follows.:

  • Byagini
  • Kumari
  • Barahi
  • Brahmayani
  • Indrayani
  • Maheshowri
  • Byasnabi
  • Mahalaxmi


That serves to tie itself up around the body and eight is a fortune number according to the eastern mythology. The Daura has five pleats or Kallis, signifying Pancha Buddha or Pancha Ratna. And the closed neck of the Daura signifies the snake around the Lord Shiva’s neck.


History tells Rana Prime Minister Janga Bahadur Rana introduced coat in Nepal in 19th century. He was presented gift of coat by Queen of England. He started the tradition of wearing coat on the Daura suruwal. From then the tradition of wearing Daura with Suruwal became Daura Suruwal and Coat. Men wear Daura Suruwal with East Coat (Waist Coat) too. This combination is a kind of informal wear.


In 2017 B.S. Daura Suruwal was announced as national dress for men in government services and other national programs. Daura suruwal took a great pace of development in those in those years. Very few of Nepali now wear Daura Suruwal.
After 2046 B.S none of the elected or interim governments is able to define and announce any national the national dress. Now, there is no such dress or uniform that we can point our officially as Nepali. We still regard Daura suruwal as National dress of Nepal.

Now Daura Suruwal is now confined only in the list of national signs and as groom’s wedding dress.None of the members of constitutional assembly or any leader hardly wear any uniform as we can say national. The new generation may hardly own a pair of Daura-Suruwal.


The dress is stated as an official as it has been confined only in the list of national signs and the officials under the panel of His Majesty’s Government. The new generation hardly owns a pair of Daura-Suruwal, and majority of them wouldn’t prefer this outfit. Unlike Nepali women’s attire-‘Sari’ is winning its appearance in the fashion world. Daura-Suruwal, the Nepali national dress is not that fashionable among men. However, the dress is well-known among its lovers and it is successful to establish its own image in the market. We wish it will soon reach its popularity in the global market.

We are slowly forgetting our traditional values and nationalities. We love Daura Suruwal and all Nepali traditional dresses from Mountain, Hill and Terai. We can at least announce something as our national dress which represents Nepal. There should be something we should wear and say this is “Nepali”.