• shawls & wraps
    Beautiful, light and warm on a cold winter morning and evening is the comfort that these cashmere shawls and wraps give you. You name it and you will find it in our range: Light shade cashmere shawls, dark shade cashmere shawls and various patterns and designed cashmere shawls and all spun weaved of knitted by the women of Nepal. This warmth in cashmere shawls is brought to you by the leading supplier of Nepalese cashmere products, Kathmandu Clothing the largest online wholesale supplier of Nepali pashmina shawls, Nepali pashmina products, Nepalese ethnic garments, hippie and bohemian clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries and Nepali handicrafts from Nepal. Take your pick, and let us know your choice and we, as always will have the sent to you before the cold sets in.
  • scarves
    Beautiful, fancy and authentic pashmina scarves to keep your neck and head warm this winter. These all Nepali pashmina shawls or pure cashmere shawls come in bright sober colors with a touch of bohemian and hippie style to match you elegant gown for the day. All of them have been spun and woven from the finest class of cashmere wool got from the Himalayan sheep by the rural women of Nepal bringing in the gaiety of spring in winter. They are brought to you by the leading pashmina scarves wholesale supplier; Kathmandu Clothing, the largest online wholesale supplier of Nepali pashmina, cashmere clothing and pashmina products. Choose your favorite Nepali pashmina scarves and we shall have them dispatched to you immediately.
  • sweaters
    Winter is here in the Northern Hemisphere and no better way to drive the morning and evening chill away by the cashmere sweater from the wool of the Himalayan sheep. These Nepali Pashmina sweaters will make you feel in spring with the warmth it provides all because it is made by the rural women of Nepal and sold to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale supplier of Nepali Pashmina products, ethnic Nepalese garments, bohemian hippie clothes and Nepali handicrafts. Choose your beautiful Nepalese cashmere sweaters and we will have them sent to you to keep the winter chills away.
  • Poncho
    Kathmandu clothing brings you 100% exclusive hand woven cashmere blankets for cold winter. The blankets are made from ultra soft undercoat hair fibre of Himalayan goats. Cashmere blankets are known for its luxurious features; they are amazingly soft, phenomenally warm and last forever. Kathmandu clothing offers you these amazing cashmere rugs at wholesale rate and delivers to you without any shipping charges!!

Keep warm this winter by driving away the chills with the warm and cosy cashmere products. The wholesale Nepali cashmere or Nepali pashmina goods such as cashmere shawls, cashmere wraps, cashmere scarves, cashmere cardigans and cashmere sweaters are made from Himalayan Cashmere goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. They come in beautiful colors, patterns and designs keeping the cosy fashion spirit alive in each one of them. All of these Nepali pashmina products are made by the rural women of Nepal and brought to you by the largest online wholesale supplier of Nepali pashmina products, Kathmandu Clothing. Check out our range of pashmina wholesale products such as shawls, wraps, scarves, cardigans, and pashmina sweaters and we at Kathmandu Clothing will have them sent to you before the chill sets in. Cashmere being the warmest, lightest and softest wool it is one of the must-have classic piece for fall."Click on respective category image above to see the product listing."