Keep warm this winter by driving away the chills with the warmth of cashmere woolen products. The Nepali cashmere or Nepali pashmina goods such as cashmere shawls, cashmere wraps, cashmere scarves, cashmere cardigans and cashmere sweaters are 100% from the wool got from the Himalayan sheep of Nepal. They come in beautiful colors, patterns and designs keeping the cozy fashion spirit alive in each one of them. All of these Nepali pashmina products are made by the rural women of Nepal and brought to you by the largest online wholesale supplier of Nepali pashmina products, hippie and bohemian clothes, Nepalese clothes and handicrafts and other handmade Nepali products and accessories from this part of the world, Kathmandu Clothing. Check out our range of pashmina shawls, pashmina wraps, pashmina scarves, pashmina cardigans, and pashmina sweaters and we at Kathmandu Clothing will have them sent to you before the chill sets in. Remember pashmina or cashmere products make you look fine and warm at the same time.

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