Nepalese clothing for women and men is something that captivates almost everyone’s attention. They are one of the most sensuous yet versatile clothing throughout the globe. Nepali clothes that are worn by hippies, bohemians and ethnic fashion lovers are considered to be one of the most elegant and beautiful clothing styles in the world. Clothing from Nepal represents its culture and tradition. The clothes which are made in Nepal, are made by hardworking Nepali women’s. Clothing in Nepal is usually bright and colorful, especially for women. Dresses, made in Nepal, are famous for their dazzling beauty and embroidery all over the world. For your ears, Kathmandu Clothing is the leading online nepali clothing store and wholesale supplier and manufacturer of Nepalese clothing, Nepali handicrafts, Nepalese garments and huge range of Nepali handmade accessories. We offer different kinds of handmade Nepali clothing and products which are truly made in Himalayas. So Nepalese clothing is also known as Himalayan clothing. Shop now from the largest wholesaler of Nepali Clothing and products and we will deliver your products right away. We also offer Free Shipping to Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of the world.
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  • Tops

    Kathmandu Clothing, the largest supplier and distributor of wholesale Bohemian clothing presents a wide range hippie bohemian style tops and bohemian clothing brands for you. The colors and patterns throw gaiety and fun into your life. This line of clothes is from funky boho chic top with a variety of patch work, stone wash, cut work, embroidery and over dye so typical of Nepali clothing. The bohemian chic  tops ranges from sleeveless to sleeve and other imaginable cutting style that appeal to the eye in color and material. Most of the embroidery and patch work is done by hand by the women of Nepal which makes the tops all the more lively and is bound to coruscate your feminine personality in you. Shop Now from our widest range of wholesale bohemian style clothing and wholesale boho clothing and get Free Shipping to Australia, USA, UK New Zealand, and other parts of the world. 

  • Jackets
    A presentation of Kathmandu Clothing gives you various ethnically designed hippie and bohemian styled jackets. The patch and floral works with painstaking embroidery brings out the gaiety of nature. Deep thought and art work is undertaken by the rural women of Nepal to craft each piece. Meticulous handwork and deep dedication bring out the Nepalese inspired bohemian and hippy jackets and coats which so accentuate and shine your freestyle personality around. Kathmandu Clothing helps to dispatch these hippy brands and boho style coats globally, being the largest wholesale supplier of hippie clothing brands and bohemian clothes and accessories for the international market from Nepal. "Click on respective category image below to see the product listing."
  • Skirts
    Hippie, bohemian and ethnic nepali skirts is one of the hallmarks of Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale supplier of Nepalese clothing, ethnically manufactures to the international market. There are bohemian and hippie style skirts of every length, design in a variety of materials, textures, shade and colours to cater to every woman’s clothing desire. A larger part of the design and work is done by the Nepalese rural women with meticulous and painstaking care. You will fine designs and patterns beyond human imagination that Kathmandu Clothing proudly extends to you to make you look hippie bohemian chic, dashing and flamboyant.
  • Dresses
    Dress for the occasion, dress for freedom with hippie, bohemian and Nepali styled dresses from Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale clothing dealers and manufacturers of hippie, bohemian and ethnic Nepali clothes from Nepal. These dresses are ethnically designed with a touch of natural goodness, bringing out the floral natural elements of nature by the rural women of Nepal. There are a wide range of choices from sleeveless to sleeve dresses and from ankle to knee length dresses with a variation in patterns, weaving, colors and stitching styles. Order now, from the latest range in our store at Kathmandu Clothing.
  • Pants, the largest Nepali wholesale clothing supplier of hippie, bohemian, ethnic clothes and other accessories, presents to you its line of Nepalese styled pants with panache and flamboyance. They range from every design imaginable from loose parachute to tight fitting pants. The patch work, color and combination of material make each piece unique in its own way. Great care and thought goes into the designs and production that we at Kathmandu Clothing undertake on behalf of the rural women of Nepal. Our motto is that you should look great in our hippy, boho and Nepali pants. The designs range from Aladdin, parachute, skin tight to loose floating garments and pants. Just check them out and choose which suits you and makes you look cool.
  • Ponchos
    Thrown on the one piece woolen poncho, this winter to drive the cold away without the hassle of buttons beautifully designed with multi-colors, patterns of springs floral to keep the warm spirit in heart. Kathmandu Clothing, the largest online wholesale exporter of Nepalese garments and handicrafts of Nepal, brings to you these Nepali ethnic embroidered and knitted woolen ponchos created exclusively for you by the rural women of Nepal. Go through the ever enchanting colorful range of woolen ponchos below, have your pick and let us know your taste at Kathmandu Clothing store so that we will dispatch them to you to flaunt off your new found winter personality to friends and colleagues.
  • Plus Size Clothing
    Kathmandu clothing is the largest supplier of wholesale boho clothing and wholesale boho accessories and now we have extended our style line for plus size women as well. Shop online boho and hippie dresses, tops and jackets for plus size women at wholesale price. We offer various designs, cuts, Silhouette and colours that will flatter the plus size women’s body. We got size range for US size 16W-26W (From L to 3XL). Grab your favourite wholesale boho style clothing and we will deliver it to your door step at free of cost. YES! We offer FREE SHIPMENT!!