• Animal Hats

    Animal Hats

    <h2><span lang="en-gb" xml:lang="en-gb">Shop now for wholesale Animal hats and crochet Animal ears beanies.</span></h2> <p><span lang="en-gb" xml:lang="en-gb">Go wild and add fun and character to your winter look with our wide range of Animal Hats such as crochet animal hats, crazy animal hats, baby animal hats, knitted animal hats and animal beanies. The hats are hand knitted from wool.  Each woollen animal hat is unique and contrasting in design, color, shape and size. This is brought to you for your choosing by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale dealer of Nepalese woollen garments and clothes and other Nepali accessories, created by the different women ethnic groups of Nepal. Choose your pick and we at Kathmandu Clothing will get it to you immediately</span></p>
  • Woolen Gloves

    Woolen Gloves

    Winter is approaching and Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale supplier of woolen clothes hippie bohemian clothes, hemp clothes, felt clothes and pashmina or cashmere clothes from Nepal, proudly show cases they line of woolen gloves for your cold hands. The woolen gloves of Nepali origin are made of 100% natural wool and are bound to give the warm comforts this winter. They are knitted by the rural women of Nepal into chic, trendy designs accentuating different colors and patterns that bring out the ethnic Nepalese fashion and boho hippie nature in you. The woolen gloves range from mittens, to finger tips exposed, to full comfort gloves and to wool fingerless gloves with mitten cover. So what are you waiting for, make your pick and we at Kathmandu Clothing will expedite them to you before the chill begins to bite.
  • Woolen Socks

    Woolen Socks

    <p>Here we have a range of woolen socks, which are of excellent quality and character and knitted from 100% wool. Keep your feet warm and cosy this winter with a range of different types of woolen socks, with plain feet socks to boot designed socks to full covered knee socks, handmade woolen socks to colorful woolen socks and knitted woolen socks brought to you by the courtesy of Kathmandu Clothing, the leading wholesale supplier of woolen clothing and accessories from Nepal, knitted by the rural women of Nepal in 100% wool specially for your warmth in amazing designs and colors to bring gaiety into life this winter. Choose from the range below and we at Kathmandu Clothing will dispatch them immediately so that your feet stay warm this winter.</p>
  • Woolen Caps

    Woolen Caps

    <h1>Buy Woolen Caps Online</h1> <p>These great and funky design woolen hats and beanie hats which are of excellent quality and full of character have been knitted from 100% wool by the rural women of Nepal. Don’t get the chill this winter. Keep your head and neck warm and cosy with various designed woolen hats, all brought to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale dealer of Woolen clothes and garments from this part of the world. The designs, patterns and mixture of color surpass all, just because we at Kathmandu Clothing believe that you should have the best in life. Choose for the trendy, chic and olio of Nepali ethnic designs below and Kathmandu Clothing will see that they get to you in time to keep you warm and cosy.</p>
  • Woolen Jackets

    Woolen Jackets

    <p></p> <h1>Shop online for Nepali wool jackets, sweaters and coats only at KathmanduClothing.com</h1> <p>Snowflakes Nepali woolen jackets, simply woolen jackets and hooded woolen jackets made of sheep and yak wool by varied ethnic women groups of Nepal this winter is proudly up for grabs. All brought to you by the largest mass supplier of Nepali woolen clothes and products – Kathmandu Clothing to keep you warm and chill free. Check out the designs, patterns and colours of the Nepalese jackets and bohemian hippie styled jackets and, as always, Kathmandu Clothing with dispatch them to you before the chill set into your bones and what more you get the opportunity of flaunting off yourself in full panache to friends and colleagues where ever you go with a glow of warmth in your heart from Nepal.</p>
  • Woolen Headbands

    Woolen Headbands

    <p>Keep your hair tidy, keep your hair in place with woolen headbands and at the same time keep your head and ears warm away from the chills of winter with the woolen headbands knitted specially for you by the ethnic rural women of Nepali in various designs, colors and patterns. All of these woolen headbands products are brought to you by Kathmandu Clothing, the largest wholesale exporter of woolen clothing, bohemian and hippie style clothing, Nepalese clothing and handicrafts from Nepal. Check below to choose your pick from the colorful range of cute woolen headbands and we at Kathmandu Clothing will send it to you with speed.</p>

Shop online for Nepali woolen products online at KathmanduClothing.com

Kathmandu Clothing store: The Nepali wool house 

Beat this chilling winter with our wide range of woolen clothes from Nepal. Explore our nepali woolen products and clothes such as jackets, coats, mufflers, gloves, animal hats, shawls, ponchos, headbands and woollen accessories that are designed to endure. From jackets and sweaters to hats and ponchos, every item is made of Nepalese wool that is crafted to make you look good, feel warm and comfortable, and to last long. Our woolen clothes are made from natural fibers that are warm, cozy and yet durable. They can be used normally for all occasions. Woolen garments from Nepal, since from natural resources, have no adverse affect on the body or the skin. Click on respective category image above to see the product listing.



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